Lawyers Union: Turkish rulings disgrace to silent international community

Lawyers of Euphrates Canton indicated that the Turkish state is arresting everyone who sympathized with the Kobani resistance so far, and explained that this comes as a reaction to the defeat of ISIS, which it supports.

Lawyers Union: Turkish rulings disgrace to silent international community
19 May 2024   14:15

The Lawyers Union in the Euphrates Canton confirmed that the Turkish state’s rulings against Kurdish politicians and jurists in N. Kurdistan; A disgrace on the international community's silence regarding its violations, during a statement read by lawyer Vian Ayoub, in front of the Union's headquarters in the city of Kobani.

The statement said: “In a trial of a political and racist nature, harsh and unfair judicial rulings were issued, at the direction of the Turkish authorities, ordering long prison sentences against the head of the Peoples’ Democratic Party, Saladdin Damirtash, his colleague, the co-chair, Vega Nyusk Dag, and the well-known Kurdish politician Ahmed Turk, and a group of Kurdish parliamentarians, activists and politicians.”

The victory of the people of Kobani and Rojava, who love peace and brotherhood among peoples, and struggle to achieve this goal on behalf of the international community, over ISIS, which is supported by Turkey, once again revealed the ugly face of Erdogan and his government, as they responded to the defeat of ISIS, which was implementing their plans in the region and the world, they arrested everyone who sympathized with Kobani, put them in prison, and took revenge on them through these sham trials.

We, in the Lawyers Union of the Euphrates Canton, condemn and denounce in the strongest terms the rulings of the Turkish authorities and judiciary, which are dependent on Erdogan’s chauvinistic policies, against Kurdish parliamentarians, politicians and activists, and we call on lawyers in the world to carry out their sacred duty through the available legal means to defend those sentenced to these unjust ruling.

We also appeal to activists and free people in the world to support their just cause, and we call on human rights and humanitarian organizations and institutions, to put pressure on the Turkish state; To repeal these rulings of a political and racist nature, as well as submit the issue to Amnesty International, the International Court of Justice, and the International and European Courts of Human Rights.”