KDP authorities continue to conceal fate of journalist Suleiman for 41st day in a row

The Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities continue to conceal the whereabouts and fate of the journalist, Suleiman Ahmed, after they deliberately kidnapped him 41 days ago and prevent his lawyer from meeting with him.

KDP authorities continue to conceal fate of journalist Suleiman for 41st day in a row
4 December 2023   10:55

The authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party continue to conceal the location and fate of the journalist, Suleiman Muhammad Ahmed, after they kidnapped him 41 days ago, without any information being received from him despite calls and appeals launched by media centers and bodies.

Journalist Suleiman Ahmed's lawyer previously revealed that Asayish Dohuk prevented his lawyer from meeting with their client, and that his file was with the party's intelligence service, which kidnapped him more than a month ago.

Observers and legal experts called for urgent intervention from the federal government to stop the practices of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, amid their assertion that the Iraqi federal judiciary has authority over Hawler, considering southern Kurdistan part of Iraq, and a lawsuit can be filed against Hawler in the Baghdad courts to find out the fate of journalist Suleiman.

Journalist Suleiman, who works as an editor in the Arabic section at Roj News Agency, had gone to visit his family in the city of Aleppo on October 1, after the death of his father, Muhammad Ahmed.

During his return from Syria at the Fish Khabur crossing, the Kurdistan Democratic Party authorities kidnapped him, and contact with him was completely lost 41 days ago.

Dozens local, regional and international media organizations, are calling on the Kurdistan Democratic authorities to release the editor of Roj News Agency, Suleiman Ahmed. Both CPJ and RSF, which are concerned with the rights of journalists at the global level, issued a call to drop the charges against journalist Suleiman and release him immediately. They also criticized the authorities in southern Kurdistan due to its continued violations of international laws protecting journalists.