Journalist in Roj News confirms; pressure must be put to release Suleiman Ahmed

The fate of journalist Suleiman Ahmed, who was abducted by the security forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK), remains unknown, amid the latter's continuing disregard for all calls for his fate to be revealed and released.

 Journalist in Roj News confirms; pressure must be put to release Suleiman Ahmed
17 November 2023   01:09

Journalist Suleiman Ahmed, editor of the Arab Section of Roj News, was on a visit to Rojava to participate in the condolence of his father, who died a while ago.

As he returned to Southern Kurdistan from Rojava, he was abducted by PDK security forces on the Fish Khabur crossing on October 25.

After the abduction, action was initiated at various levels for his release. Several media organizations in Rojava and Southern Kurdistan and international organizations concerned with journalists' rights issued condemnation statements and demanded his immediate release, but the Kurdistan Democratic Party has ignored all these appeals and continues to kidnap him.

Roj News member Baran Karmian told ANHA agency "Our attempt continues to reveal the fate of Suleiman Ahmed and his meeting through human rights organizations, media organizations and lawyers."

"But we have not yet been able to meet Suleiman Ahmed," he said.

Baran Karmian reminded the Black Register of the PDK of the right of journalists and national figures "If we go back to the history of the PDK, we will see that he committed a massacre of patriots and journalists in Hewler in 1996", and promised to kidnap Suleiman as a continuation of those criminal practices against the national Kurds.Baran Karmian pointed to the conformity of the policies of the Turkish Fascist State and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) by stating: "The policies practised in Northern Kurdistan and Turkey against freedom and journalists are reproduced by the PDK in Southern Kurdistan. anyone who opposes his corruption and interests will be abducted and intimidated ".

Baran Karmian warned that silence towards the abduction of Suleiman Ahmed would encourage the Kurdistan Democratic Party to persist in its repressive practices against all segments of society, and said "human rights organizations and the people should continue to pressure the Kurdistan democracy. If today's goal is to silence Suleiman Ahmed, it could affect any other citizen, and later the PDK will try to silence an entire people. There must therefore be no silence about the abduction of Suleiman Ahmed. "

T/ Satt.