“I don’t know, did I leave behind my children or Afrin?”

On March 18, 2018, the Turkish state occupied the Afrin region, and during 58 days of resistance, many mothers buried the bodies of their children themselves, and among these mothers was Mother Benfesh, who buried her children with her own hands.

 “I don’t know, did I leave behind my children or Afrin?”
 “I don’t know, did I leave behind my children or Afrin?”
20 March 2024   04:01

On January 20, 2018, the Turkish occupation state began its occupation attacks on Afrin, and during these attacks it committed many massacres and crimes. The Turkish occupation state’s bombing of the village of Trinda on March 8, 2018 resulted in the martyrdom of 3 children, namely Hassan (16 years old, Hala (14 years old) and Farhad (11 years old), in addition to the injury of the child Rashid (9 years old).

The mother, Benfesh Jammo, lives from the village of Trinda in occupied Afrin. She participated in the Resistance of the Age, which continued in Afrin for 58 days. She lost 3 of her children in the Turkish bombing at the time, and now she lives in the village of Umm Al-Housh with her 9-year-old son.

“International powers remain silent regarding all violations and crimes.”

Mother Benfesh was living in Afrin with her four children (a daughter and 3 sons), in peace and security, and her husband was a member of the Internal Security Forces in Afrin, but the Turkish occupation sought to destabilize the region.

Benfesh commented on this, saying: “We were living together in safety despite all the difficulties of life, but the warplanes of the Turkish occupation state attacked Afrin, and during these attacks many massacres took place, but the international powers remained silent about them. I did not imagine that the Turkish state’s shells would cause the death of my children.” The more I remembered that day, the more my hatred and hatred for the Turkish state increased. This happened on the 8th of March. That day, my children asked to prepare food for them to eat, and then we would go down to the basement. Meanwhile, the village was being subjected to violent bombardment.”

She continued her talk, saying: “When I went to the kitchen to prepare food, the sound of bombing became louder, so I just went out and called my children, but all I found were their remains, and after that I did not feel anything. I lost 3 of my children at that time, and my youngest son was injured.”

“Returning home is every woman’s wish.”

She went on to say, "After I lost 3 of my children and 58 days of resistance had passed, we went one night to Mount Dreams and I did not know whether I had left behind my children or Afrin. That was very difficult."

  She concluded her speech by saying: “Despite the daily Turkish attacks on al-Shahba, we have chosen one path, which is the path of resistance. We wish to return to Afrin, so we will fight until our goal of returning there is achieved.”

T/ Satt.