horrific crime against a Kurdish minor in Afrin

A minor Kurdish boy was killed by a settler in the Jandars district in the occupied Afrin countryside, while the victim's family called for a protest tomorrow against the Turkish occupation mercenaries.

horrific crime against a Kurdish minor in Afrin
13 March 2024   22:59

Sources reported that a settler named Yamen Ahmed Al-Ibrahim from the Idlib countryside killed the minor Kurdish boy, Ahmed Khaled Mamo, 15 years old, and threw him into a water well on the road to the village of Tal Salour.

According to the sources, the settler, Yamen Al-Ibrahim, was working in a bakery owned by the victim’s father.

He called on the family of the victim in Janders to gather tomorrow at nine in the morning in front of the headquarters of the Civil Police mercenaries in Afrin.

The families of the murdered young man confirmed that they will not bury their son until they hand over the killer to hold him accountable, and they called on the civilian people of Afrin to gather and support them in their demand and demand an end to the violations against them.