​​​​​​​Jurist: Turkey violates international standards in egregious violation

In Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), jurist Hakim Abdul Karim, member of Leader Abdullah Ocalan's Freedom Committee, considered the aggravated isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan as a political and inhumane isolation, not commensurate with any law or custom, stressing, "Turkey violates all international agreements and the terms of the" Right of Hope "resolution, which is found in its Constitution."

Since his abduction following an international conspiracy in 1999, the Turkish occupying state has forbidden the application of any laws against leader Abdullah Ocalan. These laws have been transformed into an individual regime following the Turkish occupying state's dictatorial policies and have prevented meetings with the leader with his family and lawyers under the pretext of imposing "disciplinary sanctions.”

Jurist Abdul Karim, a member of the leader Abdullah Ocalan's Freedom Committee in Southern Kurdistan, pointed out during ANHA agency's statement that the colonial powers recognized the effectiveness of the vision of leader Abdullah Ocalan, foremost among them his view of transcending the national state and the conduct of international policy after reaching to dead end and inability to manage the world.

Abdul Karim noted that leader Abdullah Ocalan's philosophy had become a genuine alternative to the Middle East's emergence from deadly conflicts, including the Palestinian issue, saying "They recognized the intellectual transformations of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and put him forward with true democracy, through his recent federal thesis and the democratic nation."

On 30th August last, Turkish fascist state authorities acknowledged that leader Abdullah Ocalan was exempt from the "Right of Hope", in further evidence of their breaches of international laws and covenants, after intensifying isolation 40 months in a row and preventing his relatives and lawyers from meeting with him."

In his address, Abdul Karim highlighted the tightening of isolation by the authorities of the Turkish occupation state on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and indicated that "the isolation of the leader Ocalan is political and inhuman by all standards, and is not commensurate with any law or custom."

Regarding the exemption of leader Abdullah Ocalan from the "Right of Hope", Abdul Karim drew attention to the fact that "the authorities of the Turkish occupying state clearly violate all international conventions and the provisions of the" Right of Hope "resolution, which is found in the Turkish Constitution, despite the European Court of Human Rights demanding Turkey to take legal action to grant this right and to refrain from the abuse.

The resolution "Right of Hope", which was first applied in the German Federal Constitutional Court in 1977, provides that a life sentence falls outside the scope of reforming the detainee's wrongdoing or changing his personality, and no detainee may be subjected to torture or degrading punishment, in accordance with article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

"The freedom of the leader will be the solution to the outstanding issues in the Middle East"

In conclusion, Abdul Karim took responsibility for the countries that played their part in the conspiracy, and the European Committee against Torture (CPT), for the tight isolation by the Turkish authorities of leader Abdullah Ocalan, preventing his family and lawyer from meeting with him, stressing, "To achieve the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and put forward his ideas will be the solution to the crises and outstanding issues in the Middle East."

The European Committee against Torture (CPT) had issued a report confirming that the practice of the Turkish occupying state in an Imrali Prison was non-rights, documenting many of the crimes committed against it, despite which Turkey continued to intensify further isolation of leader Ocalan and ignored the Committee.

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