Call from the people of Roj Peshmerga to their children

Members of the so-called "Roj Peshmerga" issued calls to their sons to lay down their arms, not betray their will, return to their homes, and not to engage in Turkish plans.

Call from the people of Roj Peshmerga to their children
28 May 2024   08:01

After receiving information about the efforts of the Turkish occupation state to deploy and use groups called (Peshmerga Roj) in the Mediya defense areas, and engage them as mercenaries against the People’s Defense Forces (Guerilla), the families of the “Peshmerga Roj” members appealed to their sons and brothers through ANHA's agency.

Citizen Anwar Muhammad Jaafar (54 years old), from the city of Qamishlo. His son Muhammad joined the ranks of the so-called (Peshmerga of Roj) when he was sixteen years old. He explained: “My son was a minor when he joined the ranks of the Peshmerga of Roj.”

Anwar Muhammad Jaafar affirmed: “We are against every Kurd who is hostile to his Kurdish brother,” and demanded that his son defect from the ranks of the “Peshmerga of Rojava” and return to Rojava. He said: “If they ask you to be hostile to the Kurds and fight against the fighters, I ask you not to engage and defect from them.”

In his turn, from the same city, Youssef Abd al-Bari Muhammad (42 years old), addressed his brother Abd al-Bari, who has been involved in the ranks of the “Roj Peshmerga” since its formation, and is now at the rank of captain, to defect. Youssef Abdel Bari Muhammad said that his brother is living in difficult circumstances.

Deception of young men

Youssef confirms that his brother was deceived by them. When he joined from the beginning of the announcement of the formation, they told them that they would be fighters for Rojava, or that they would belong to the international coalition. He said: “But now we see them being dragged behind the Turkish occupation. They have no value there.”

Youssef addressed his brother Abdul Bari: “We are against waging a war against the Guerrilla forces. The Guerrilla are our brothers and our role models, and I cannot allow my brother to fight against them, or betray his people.”

Ahmed Hussein Ali (54 years old). His son Sarbast joined the ranks of the Rojava Peshmerga in 2012. He initially thought that his son had joined the ranks of the forces of Southern Kurdistan, but then he realized that he had joined the Rojava Peshmerga.

Hussein explained that his son is going through a bad situation, and said: “He has not received his salary for twenty months now; his situation is bad.”

Hussein stressed that: “The Kurds are all brothers, and I am against every Kurd who points weapons at his Kurdish brother. We must cooperate to unite our forces, build our system, and live freely within the geography of a unified Kurdistan. This is the demand of every Kurd, because the enemy does not differentiate between us, and when he launches an attack, he will kill everyone.”

T/ Satt.