Erdogan exploits Palestinian issue

A professor of political science considered that the opportunistic Erdogan was intensifying his pro-Hamas speech before the local elections on March 31, while a British report indicated that the global ambitions of ISIS in Afghanistan had emerged on March 22.

Erdogan exploits Palestinian issue
28 March 2024   11:45

Global analyzes today discussed the increasing volume of trade between Ankara and Tel Aviv after the Hamas operation and the upcoming global risks posed by ISIS Khorasan.

An analysis by the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post considered that Recep Tayyip Erdogan's assertion earlier this month that Turkey "strongly supports" Hamas is considered the culmination of months in which the Turkish president criticized the Israeli war in Gaza.

Researchers say that Erdogan has spoken warmly about Hamas for decades, and has engaged in several high-level diplomatic spats with Israel since coming to power more than 20 years ago, but at the same time, trade between the two countries is booming and relations between them have improved before October 7, 2023.

“We know from the past that Erdogan always calls Israel a ‘terrorist state’ and a ‘genocidal state,’ and yet business continues with the state of Israel,” said Hakan Yavuz, the political science professor at the University of Utah and Harvard University.

Turkey's exports to Israel increased by more than 20% to reach $422 million, exceeding before October 7, according to local reports. Israel ranked 13th on Turkey's exports list in 2023.

According to Yavuz, Erdogan is intensifying his pro-Hamas rhetoric ahead of the Turkish local elections scheduled for March 31. Erdogan's Justice and Development Party is trying to win in Istanbul and Ankara, as the Republican People's Party took control of these two cities in 2019.

Yavuz believes Erdogan is manipulating votes with the Turkish public, which broadly sympathizes with the Palestinians and is outraged by the bloodshed and reports of starvation in Gaza. More than 32,000 Palestinians were killed in the Israeli attack, according to the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip.

“This is an opportunistic leader,” Yavuz said. “I don’t think he cares about the Palestinians. He has been exploiting the Palestinian issue for a long time.”

While a report by the British magazine The Economist indicated that the global ambitions of the ISIS branch in Afghanistan came to light on March 22, when at least four gunmen killed 139 people at a concert in Moscow, the  American officials blamed ISIS-Khorasan for the attack, while Russia arrested at the time suspects from Tajikistan.

 The report indicated that if the accusations are proven, they will highlight ISIS's expanding record of strikes outside Afghanistan, which has a long list of enemies, including America and China. In January, its recruits attacked a church in Turkey and carried out the deadliest terrorist attack in Iran, Two of the suspects spent some time in Turkey before traveling to Russia.

ISIS attacks Russia because it maintains an embassy in Kabul and has accepted the Taliban's military attaché in Moscow. It also provides assistance to Syria when it helped Bashar al-Assad's regime in defeating ISIS.