Connie Ledesma: Everyone must move to remove PKK's name from terror list

Connie Ledesma, one of the founders of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, said that "the struggle for self-determination does not make the people terrorist" and called on everyone to join the movement to remove the PKK from the "terror list."

Connie Ledesma: Everyone must move to remove PKK's name from terror list
3 December 2023   16:32

Japan's Public Security Intelligence Agency (PJIA) removed the PKK from the list of prohibited organizations on its official website on November 28. The Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was classified as "Major Prohibited International Organizations" in the electronic archive of the organization website, which was registered on 17 January 2023, under the heading "Overview of the Most Proscribed Organizations and Armed Groups in the World". However, the site had recently been updated and the Kurdistan Workers' Party had not been included in the list of large or prohibited organizations in the world.

Philippine National Democratic Front PNDF member Connie Ledesma spoke to the ANHA about removing the name of the PKK from the "terrorism list."

Connie Ledesma noted that the PKK had placed the Kurdish people's struggle for self-determination on the world agenda and said: "It has played an active role in the struggle of Kurdish women. Kurdish women have shown themselves to be an invincible force through various activities and participation in the armed struggle.

"The struggle does not make the people a terrorist"

Connie Ledesma described the removal of the PKK name from the list of organizations banned by Japan's public security intelligence agency PJIA as a good development and said: "The struggle for self-determination does not make a people a terrorist. People and groups are easily placed on the terrorist list and remain on it even after their death. An example is Nelson Mandela, who has become a world champion. However, he was on the list of American terrorism until his death. "

Everyone has to move.

Noting that in order to remove the PKK name from all terrorist lists, everyone must act at a higher pace, Ledesma said on the subject: "Significant progress has been made in removing the PKK name from the terrorism list. The more people work to remove the PKK's name from the terror list the better. Academics, writers, students, women, trade unionists and others must raise their voices against the PKK's inclusion on the terrorism list.

Who is Connie Ledesma?

Connie Ledesma is a former Catholic nun. She is the first international representative of the Revolutionary Women's Organization in peace talks and a member of the NDF Negotiating Committee.

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