Aleppo lawyers decry continued isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan

The Aleppo Lawyers Union denounced the so-called "disciplinary sanctions" imposed by the Turkish occupation authorities on Leader Abdullah Ocalan with the aim of tightening the isolation regime.

Aleppo lawyers decry continued isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan
21 May 2024   16:59

The Aleppo Lawyers Union organized a gathering in front of the Democratic Society Movement Center located in the eastern section of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, to denounce the continued isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan, attended by a number of lawyers and members of the Democratic Society Movement.

During the gathering, the statement issued by the lawyers in this regard was read by a member of the Lawyers’ Coordination in North and East Syria, Ala al-Din al-Khaled Galo.

The statement said, "Imposing disciplinary, illegal and unconstitutional sanctions on the internationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan is tantamount to imposing a punishment on all oppressed peoples who yearn for freedom in general; on all peoples and components of North and East Syria in particular; and on the Kurdish people in its four parts in particular."

The statement called on “all regional, international and international organizations and bodies, especially the United Nations, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Ministerial Committee, Amnesty International and the Committee against Torture, to play their role and their legal, moral and humanitarian duty and to put pressure on Turkey by all legal and diplomatic means and oblige it to implement the Right to Hope Law to obtain leader Abdullah Ocalan for his physical freedom, which is considered a prelude to finding a political solution to the Kurdish issue.”

The gathering ended with chanting the slogan "There is no life without the leader."

T/ Satt.