2 martyred, 5 wounded in Turkish attacks on Qamishlo

The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazera region announced the martyrdom of two citizens and the injury of 5 others in the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on Qamishlo canton.

2 martyred, 5 wounded in Turkish attacks on Qamishlo
23 November 2023   11:32

Yesterday, Qamishlo Province was subjected to 3 Turkish attacks by drones, the first of which occurred on a service facility within the town of Rumelan, while in the afternoon the province witnessed the targeting of two cars at the same time, near the village of Shurak on the road linking Qamishlo city center and Tirbespiyê near Tal Maarouf town.

Today, the Autonomous Administration of Al-Jazera Region revealed in a statement that two citizens were martyred and five others were wounded.

Last Monday, the Turkish occupation state targeted the village of Aoun Al-Dadat in the northeastern side of the city of Manbij with heavy weapons, as a result of which 7 civilians were injured.