Panorama of the week: Syrian protests may have different results

Observers saw that the popular protests taking place in As-Suwayda and other Syrian regions may have different results than before, and Iran's foreign minister, during a visit to Damascus, followed up on the understandings that Raisi concluded with Assad.

Panorama of the week: Syrian protests may have different results
3 September 2023   02:01

Over the past week, Arab newspapers have touched on the ongoing popular protests in As-Suwayda, Syria.

The Syrians' uprising against Assad may be different this time

The beginning is with the Syrian issue. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper touched on the popular demonstrations against the Damascus government, and saw that the calls made by members of the Alawite and Druze communities to overthrow the regime are unprecedented, and could constitute a real change in the rules of the game for the opposition. This is what the "oppositionists" lacked in 2011, which allowed al-Assad to tip the scales in his favour.

The newspaper indicated that the ongoing unrest could end in two ways: it could fuel Syrian grievances and protests spread to all parts of the country, and turn into a popular movement that shakes the regime, or, as happened in 2011, that state violence crushes the legitimate demands of the people. Syrians of all sects and religions hope it will be the first, not the last.

Iran's foreign minister follows up on the implementation of the understandings concluded by Raisi in Syria

Al-Watan newspaper, affiliated with the Damascus government, indicated that at a time when mechanisms were present to follow up on the implementation of the agreements and understandings reached during Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi's recent visit to Syria and his meeting with Bashar al-Assad, during a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Damascus government, Hussein Arnous, and Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdollahian And his accompanying delegation, the Iranian minister revealed during a joint press conference with Damascus Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad the agreement during the meeting to hold meetings of the Iranian-Syrian joint committee headed by Arnous and the Iranian vice president in Tehran soon, and indicated that a number of joint projects in the financial fields were reviewed. Banking, energy, oil derivatives, communications, industry and tourism.