Matthew McFarlane explains recent US movements in Syria, Iraq

The former commander of the international coalition forces, Matthew MacFarlane, explained the nature of the recent US forces' movements in Iraq and Syria.

Matthew McFarlane explains recent US movements in Syria, Iraq
21 August 2023   08:51

MacFarlane confirmed that the international coalition is not planning to do anything in the region, denying what is being circulated about the United States of America preparing to carry out a military operation in Iraq and Syria.

According to Roj News Agency, MacFarlane said "what is being circulated is untrue, where the movement of the American forces does not go beyond being routine procedures of the coalition forces every year."

"I also heard that, it's only rumours. We have been here for a long time, and we have been part of the international coalition here for nine years," MacFarlane said in a press conference, noting, "Every year we move our forces and our soldiers and change their locations, we do this once every six months and now we're in the middle of the process."

"This is a routine and usual activity, when we bring in new forces with military equipment that take their places, and the old force retreats back for a week or two to make sure that the work is proceeding in a consistent and effective manner, and the forces with their equipment leave the site."

He stressed, "We are responsible for our soldiers and their families, and we must make sure every time that they are not kept here for many years, but only for 9 or 12 months, while we make sacrifices. We are committed to helping Iraq and the Iraqi people to establish security and stability."

"These  military movements are necessary to make sure our soldiers are active and stay in touch with their families," MacFarlane said.