Hêza awarded as best documentary film at Los Angeles Festival

"Hêsa" documentary that tells story of women who were murdered and raped by ISIS mercenaries, and their struggle for freedom, won the Best Documentary Award at the Los Angeles Independent Women's Film Festival (LA).

Hêza awarded as best documentary film at Los Angeles Festival
4 May 2022   06:47

" Derya Deniz, the 37-year-old director and producer of the documentary, stated that Hêza is a tribute to all women who were rescued from the hands of ISIS and resisted, and said, "The awards belong to them."

The documentary tells the story of Hêza, a Yazidi woman who was enslaved during the ISIS attack on Shingal on 3 August 2014. The film shows what Hêza went through at the hands of ISIS, how she managed to escape and how she continued her life after escaping.

Hêza was taken to Raqqa after she was kidnapped by ISIS. She tried to commit suicide many times until she managed to escape from the organization, and return to Shengal in 2015. She joined the YJŞ as a Kurdish Yazidi woman and became a commander.

The film got the best award at the Sweden Boden International Film Festival in April, and the outstanding achievement award at the Druk International Film Festival held in Bhutan in South Asia", according to Firat News Agency.



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