'Kurds' Notables' covers lives of 24 Kurdish personages

Kurds' Notables is a history book co-authored by Bahjet Ahmed and Narine Umar that sheds light on the lives of some 24 Kurdish personages that played major roles in the Kurdish, Eastern and World literatures.

'Kurds' Notables' covers lives of 24 Kurdish personages
6 July 2021   03:33

The book that is printed in Lava Publishing House runs into 134 pages, sheds light on the lives of 24 Kurdish persons in culture and society that rarely were brought under the scope, as well as other topics such as the Kurdish nationalist Newroz celebrations, Kawa the Smith, the story of the Flood and many others.


On the issue, historian Bahjet comments:'' many people were prejudiced against the Kurdish people and never shed light on the history of the Kurds and the heroism the put up, they were never mentioned in history books merely for being Kurds though they


played significant roles in history from the time Medes up to date.



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