​​​​​​​Intellectuals, writers: Kurdish language campaign in Northern Kurdistan is source of pride

Intellectuals and writers in Rojava confirmed their support for the Kurdish language campaign that was launched in Northern Kurdistan, and said that this campaign is a source of pride for them.

​​​​​​​Intellectuals, writers: Kurdish language campaign in Northern Kurdistan is source of pride
16 June 2021   06:04

On February 21st, the Kurdish Language Platform and the Kurdish Language and Culture Network in Northern Kurdistan requested a signature campaign under the slogan "To Make Kurdish Language Official and Language of Education."

Many circles, institutions, as well as political parties in Northern Kurdistan expressed their support for the campaign, but the police forces prevented any activity in this regard.

Head of Rojava Kurdistan Intellectuals Union and the professor of Kurdish literature at Rojava University Walid Bakr confirmed his support for the campaign to collect signatures for the Kurdish language to be an official language in Northern Kurdistan." In this regard, he said: "We in Rojava support the positions and campaigns of our people in Northern Kurdistan."

Bakr noted that the Turkish state, since the founding of the republic, has continued the policies of annihilating the Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan, but despite these policies, it has not been able to eradicate the Kurdish culture and language.

Walid Bakr expressed his hope that the efforts made for the Kurdish language in Northern Kurdistan will yield good results.

Walid Bakr also expressed his confidence that the efforts and activities for the Kurdish language will continue, and stressed that the struggle of the Kurdish people in Northern Kurdistan is a distinct struggle.

Official Spokesman for the Kurdish Writers Union in Syria, Kalal Kasani, said that the Turkish state has worked throughout history to impose its chauvinistic policies against the Kurdish nation, and said in this regard, "The Turkish state fights the Kurdish people everywhere, whether in Northern Kurdistan or outside, and it wants to eliminate the Kurdish people's existence by eliminating their language."

Kasani expressed his pride in the campaign launched for the Kurdish language, and also said, "We in the Kurdish Writers' Union in Syria consider this step a positive step."

Kasani added, "The Kurdish people have preserved their language throughout the long history, despite all the policies of oppression and colonialism."



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