​​​​​​​Al-Bahbah: Cairo Declaration secures political solution in Libya, confronts Turkish arrogance

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​Al-Bahbah: Cairo Declaration secures political solution in Libya, confronts Turkish arrogance
7 June 2020   22:38

Dr. Ramadan Al-Bahbah, the former Libyan ambassador to India and a member of the executive committee of the Libyan National People's Movement, said that the Cairo Declaration by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi confirms that the military solution in Libya complicates the situation more, and there is no alternative to a political solution that saves Libya.

In a private interview with our news agency, Al-Bahbah pointed out that the warning that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi had issued in the event that the second party did not abide by the truce, meaning that Egypt would interfere with the Libyan army by force, believing that the battle to defend Sirt now, and the Egyptian air force’s intervention is an indication to deter insult and Turkish recklessness.

And to the text of the dialogue .. *

How would you evalute the Cairo initiative to solve the Libyan crisis?

I believe that there is a conviction that a military solution has become difficult after the direct Turkish intervention, and that the search for a political solution that guarantees the interests of countries in the Libyan crisis is the appropriate solution.

* Why was it announced at this time?

Why at this time? because the parties consider that the continuation of the military solution will complicate the situation sharply, there will be no benefit from its continuation.

* This announcement was preceded by visits by leaders of the National Army to Cairo and by another to the Al-Sarraj government to Russia and Turkey. Is there a link?

All political and diplomatic moves in the Libyan issue are related to each other, and as everyone knows that Egypt is the main supporter of the armed forces led by Field Marshal Haftar, and it is the one that has the ability to persuade him and the guarantor of any negotiating outcome, especially when the Russians are convinced that Haftar is difficult to convince the political solution after he realized that the battle with terrorists is only decided by force.

* What is the value of this and how will it be implemented?

The value of the declaration is the guarantee of a political solution in Libya, especially among the armed forces, who consider that the solution lies only on the military side.

* How will it be implemented? Who is watching that?

Its implementation, I believe that the sentence that President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi repeated in his speech is the guarantor of its implementation, which is the warning he gave in the event that the second party does not abide by the armistice, meaning that Egypt will interfere with the Libyan army by force. I believe that the battle to defend Sirt now and the Air Force of the Egyptian is an indication of deterrence to Turkish insult and disregard.

* Is there an international and regional role in the declaration?

Certainly the Egyptian move came after meetings with the relevant countries on the Libyan issue and an agreement to return the armed forces to the appropriate places where the conditions will not be humiliating to both parties, and this is what the armed forces did, by withdrawing to the places that were agreed upon, but the Turkish side and Al-Siraj militias saw in this withdrawal as a defeat, and it chased the armed forces and took control of the places that left them and carried out operations of liquidation, burning and destruction of cities, and the Turkish air force continued to target military and civilian sites, which led to the death of displaced families from cities that were subjected to reprisals by the militias, and raised Turkish flags over institutions, streets and chanting Erdogan's life as a liberator. Tt became clear through him that Turkey wants to invest that in its favor.

It will certainly require a regional and international response to this predecessor and this Turkish ideology that did not abide by the armistice and moved its drones and ships at sea in conjunction with the movement of their mercenaries and militias on the ground.

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