Al-Takbali: If AG rejects Cairo initiative, we have no choice but war

Reportaj Summay

Al-Takbali: If AG rejects Cairo initiative, we have no choice but war
9 June 2020   23:41

Member of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Libyan Parliament, Dr. Ali Al-Takbali, said that creative chaos is still going on in Libya, and he stressed that if Turkey instructed the Accord Gov. to reject the Cairo initiative, "we have no choice but war."

The features of the  Libyan battle that has been going on for more than a year have changed, so that the Turkish-backed the Accord Government forces, with weapons, Turkish soldiers, Syrian mercenaries, and foreigners, made field progress on the ground, pressuring some parties to accept the ceasefire negotiations of the Geneva Dialogue "5 + 5", What made the observers unanimously agree on more American presence in the only Middle East crisis that it has been relatively absent for nearly a decade, but opinions were united on the Cairo Declaration to support Egypt.

Two days after Cairo's announcement, a Libyan-Libyan solution under the auspices of the Speaker of the Libyan House of Representatives, Counselor Aqila Saleh and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Khalifa Hifter, the ceasefire began today at 6:00 am, as Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced, but it appears that the Accord forces, with support Turkish does not want to accept the ceasefire and announced the attack on the city of Sirte.

To talk about the latest developments on the ground, our  news agency held a dialogue with a member of the Defense and National Security Committee in the Libyan Parliament, Dr. Ali al-Takbali.

The following is the text of the interview:

* In an interview with the media, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari said that there are countries that failed the Libyan National Army, what are the countries that Al-Mismari intended and how did they fail it?
I think that there are countries that have failed to provide the Libyan army with weapons to enter the capital, Tripoli, and to resolve the battle on the ground.

* Russian's Wagner forces entered the war against the Accord Government in Tripoli, but withdrew suddenly, which led to an imbalance of power. What are the reasons for the withdrawal?

Everyone talks about Wagner as if it were the Russian Red Army. In fact, there were some advisers linked with Russian Wagner Forces, a well-known organization sent mercenaries to every place in the world, but its impact was not strong, as it was not in the first ranks. Anyone, despite the allegations of the AG That there are forces from the Russian Wagner and others. We Libyans do not want personnel, so we have the Libyan army's number exceeds 80 thousand soldiers. We are in need of weapons.

Do you see that there is a deal between Turkey and Russia on Libya as well?

Turkey is, of course, a big country, with interests and ambitions everywhere in the world, including Libya and Russia , but their differences are more than their interests. After the pipeline was launched between them. Turkey no longer needs that great international cooperation, but it is It uses it as a pressure card against other major countries that might interfere in Libya, but we know that Turkey does not disobey America, no matter what happens.

* What is the relationship between the situations in Syria and Libya?

Syria and Libya are similar in attitudes and in the cause of the attack. We know that Syria has a large gas reserve in the Mediterranean and It is an anti-Israel country. So I want it to get weaker and those who claim to be free, to liberate Syria, but they are ISIS and Al-Nusra Front. They control Syria. They know this and pay them money.

ISIS has been in Syria for a long time; no one managed to get them out, but in reality nothing happened until the Russians came. So the real bombing and the Syrian army moved forward. In Libya, we know that creative chaos is still continuing until now. that represents the similarities in positions .

* Is there a Russian-Turkish agreement to withdraw mercenaries from Syria and put them in Libyan battles to get rid of them? Or is this a Russian plan to get rid of the mercenaries it fights in Syria and create a rift between them and the Turkey that supports them?

I do not think that Russia has agreed with Turkey to transfer the mercenaries to Libya, in fact, Turkey does not hesitate to anything. but Russia will not do so. Russia has already done this, as it is a great conspiracy against Libya and the Russians have to get rid of these mercenaries. This is at least the moral logic that necessitates them to be loyal to the people who were harboring them and dealing with them honestly.

* How will the Cairo Declaration affect the Libyan crisis?

The Cairo Declaration gave impetus to the initiative of the Parliament almost two years ago and Egypt's El-Sisi secured it. It seems that he has a green light to take this initiative. This is the difference between us and Egypt, that Egypt has effective role. All the major powers have agreed to this initiative. We will see what happens in the near future.

* If the AG does not accept political dialogue, what are the possible scenarios?

The AG in Tripoli will be a little intransigent in rejecting it, but after seeing that all countries agree to the initiative, they will acquiesce, and the Turks will find no alternative but to accept this initiative.

But if the Turks put their heads up and push the AG to reject this initiative, then we have no choice but war and the world must help us in this because we will not allow the Turks to remain in Libya, and we will not allow a rogue city like Tripoli not to be in the Libyan body as a whole.

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