Aldar Khalil: Erdogan not only sold Syrians, but Turkish historical values too

Reportaj Summay

Aldar Khalil: Erdogan not only sold Syrians, but Turkish historical values too
20 February 2020   03:04

Aldar Khalil pointed out that the huge Turkish reinforcements in Idlib aims at to stabilize the Turkish occupation of Syria, and expand to Kirkuk and Mosul by 2023. He said that Erdogan sold the Syrian opposition in Idlib.

In  the recent weeks, the Syrian regime has launched a campaign against the areas of the western and southern Aleppo and Idlib countryside. It managed to take control some areas there. Strategic areas, it had lost since the beginning of the armed conflict in Syria, such as Ma'arat al-Numan, Saraqeb, the entire Aleppo – Damascus international road and the M4 and M5. It controlled an area approximately 1500 km2. 

The controlled areas were under the control of the  pro-Turkish occupation mercenaries, such as the Levant Liberation (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), Al Badia army and al-Malahaim, that are two small factions, loyal to Al-Qaida, they defected from the Levant Liberation, in late 2017, mercenaries of the Turkistan Islamic Party, remnants of ISIS mercenaries, Ahrar al-Sham, Noureddine Al-Zinki, Jaish al-Ahrar, The Levant Corps, Jabhat al-Azza and the Syrian National Army.  

Most of the aforementioned mercenary factions brought to idlib areas under Astana guarantor's understandings (Russia, Turkey, and Iran), from Damascus countryside, Aleppo and Ghouta.

 In view of the recent developments in Idlib and the rapid progress of the regime forces, Aldar Khalil, a member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Society Movement, pointed out that what is happening in Idlib is under  agreements  between the conflicting countries in Syria, and the Syrian people are the only ones  who are paying for this. The Turkish regime can dissolve The Levant Liberation, pointing out that whoever establishes something can solve it.

The text of the dialogue reads:

Under Astana and Sochi agreements, mercenary factions were assembled in Idlib. The Syrian regime launched a campaign in the countryside of Idlib and Aleppo provinces recently, and made remarkable and rapid progress.

How do you evaluate this progress and what causes it?

First of all, we must look into the reality of some things. Unfortunately, the Syrian people has not shown organized and genuine opposition to the democratic and national positions. Despite the presence of democratic and patriotic figures in Syria, it is regrettable that radical organizations and mercenaries who are against democracy, have shown themselves as the representatives of the Syrian people; this has had a negative impact on the Syrian revolution.

One of these mercenary organizations key basics, opposing the democratic thought. It is supported and used by the Turkish State for several reasons, namely its influence in the neighbor Syria. secondly, since the President of the Turkish Republic is essentially the de facto president of the Muslim Brotherhood and jihadists.

On the other hand, there were regime organizations that insisted on preventing the democratic solutions in Syria and facing the diversity that exists within Syria.

All these reasons led to the Syrian crisis. Syrian people paid the tax of the interests of the conflicting countries in Syria. For example, during the attacks of the Turkish occupation on Afrin, Turkey and Russia agreed to abandon Turkey's armed opposition in the vicinity of Damascus , al Ghouta, because these groups were a threat on Damascus, so Turkey was allowed to occupy Afrin.

Afrin is the victim of Turkey and Russia agreements; the Turkish-backed groups that were besieging Damascus were transferred to Idlib.  Some  mercenaries were also transferred from Palmyra, Homs and Aleppo to Idlib. 

The regime has ceded some parts in the north of Syria in order to clean some Syrian areas of mercenary groups associated with Turkey. Erdogan is not a person of principles and values. He is not only ready to sell Syrians and its revolution, but the Turkish historical values and sacrificed the developments that took place in Turkey and institutional culture in order to stay in power.

Are Idlib's events planned in advance?

Yes, the plan should have been implemented last year, but Turkey had finished some calculations. America had a key role in the Idlib campaign. The last nail was hammered in the coffin of the so-called "opposition", although there are some groups in Idlib and its surroundings, but the regime managed to control several points in Aleppo, which has been a major center for the mercenary groups since the 1980s. it was also a center for the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated groups; this campaign destroyed the Brotherhood's citadel. 

What is left now is Idlib and some of its territories. It is agreed on how to hand it over to the regime; What I would like to say is that Erdogan sold the Syrian opposition, which claims to be the Syrian opposition.  in fact it It is not an opposition, nor representing the people, but an opposition to foreign agendas aimed at establishing a political Islam, not only in Syria, but there have been failed attempts in Egypt. It is trying to do so in Libya now.   

Even the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 provisions, which adopted the demands of the Syrian people, were not in accordance with the demands of the Syrian people. Those who were chosen to negotiate with the regime were not representatives of the Syrian people, but the mercenaries representatives; they were selected by Turkey. They were not chosen by the United Nations. Even the members of the preparatory committee in the Syrian constitution were selected by Turkey, all of whom were mercenaries.

Turkey has been in control of UN resolutions, so representatives of northeastern Syria were excluded from the negotiations and the Constitutional Commission, and the democrats and patriots were also excluded.

What I would like to say is" Before Idlib was sold militarily, it was sold politically." 

Despite what you said, Erdogan threatened a military operation if the regime did not stop its military operations by the end of February. at the same time, it is bringing huge number of forces to Idlib areas. How do you assess that?

 Erdogan is not aiming to protect mercenaries, by bringing in troops; his main goal is how to occupy Syria, because it was agreed to remove mercenaries from Syria.

Erdogan is trying to stabilize his occupation of Syria as much as possible,  implement his second plan, which is the establishment of a Turkish republic similar to the Ottoman Empire in a new suit. It is trying to occupy this area by 2023 and expand his occupation plan to Mosul and Kirkuk.

As for his repeated statements, it is to hide his false claims and betray mercenary groups. Mercenaries believe his claims. In order to ease the pressure of mercenaries in Libya, Erdogan is now trying to develop mercenary method in Libya.

In recent days, information has been circulated about the dissolution of the Levant Liberation; Turkish officials have also stated that.

In your opinion, can Turkey dissolve the Organization?

Yes, Turkey can dissolve Jabhat al-Nusra,  The Levant Liberation, because it is the one that founded it, it can change its name as well, or to establish other groups, because Jabhat al-Nusra has carried out its tasks, and Turkey will establish other groups and other names to implement its plans, and maintain its presence in the region.