Saleh Muslim: Turkey biggest loser despite all it spent

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Saleh Muslim: Turkey biggest loser despite all it spent
5 February 2020   03:26

Saleh Muslim considered that the end of Astana and Sochi routes and the emergence of contradictions between Russia and Turkey on the Syrian scene is normal after the two routes have exhausted their goal. He also saw that Iran's return to the forefront in Syria will not cause concern to America as long as it stays away from the Israeli border.

 In an interview with ANHA, the official of Foreign Relations of the Democratic Union Party, PYD, Saleh Muslim, assessed the developments in Idlib and on the Syrian scene in general, Russia and Turkey contradictions , emergence of the Iranian role  once again, and the influence of the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria on the relations of the dominant powers in Syria. Muslim predicted that the reckless policies of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would lead Turkey to lose many cards in Syria as well as Libya.

How do you assess the escalation in Idlib and the western countryside of Aleppo as the Turkish offensive on northern and eastern Syria escalates?

The Syrian crisis has reached a new stage which is the reliance on the involved countries in the Syrian crisis, including "the American presence, Russian, Turkish, Iranian and the regime that defends itself", and the stage of conflict between the original players. There are still tools to use, but everyone wants to achieve what they are here for in Syria, so we witness a raging conflict in Syria.

The main powers that are the international coalition that is still influential, as well as the Russians who intervened in the Syrian crisis alongside the regime for their interests but through the regime. They want to strengthen the regime's control over the entire Syrian territory and ensure  regime survival, Turkey also wanted to take the advantage of the Arab Spring to achieve its interests and objectives, but Turkey today reached a stage that contradicted its interests with the interests of the hegemonic forces  in Syria. with the emergence of some new forces on the Syrian stage, which did not take into account the forces of domination, namely the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the will of the people, has created new data to wrestle among them states and interests today.

As for the intensification of the conflict in Idlib region, it was expected since the beginning of Astana, Astana reached Astana 14, which was a tactical step from some parties who led this stage, namely Russia. The aim is to corner all the extremist forces, jihadists and Salafists in a certain area; this is what happened in the end. These groups had to be eliminated, and this is what is happening today in Idlib, and it was expected two years ago since the Astana and Sochi routes, which was a tactical game between Russia and Turkey, to corner them in a specific area and eliminate them after that, and what is happening today in Idlib is normal as a result of that. This will continue until these terrorists are eliminated so that the regime will return to the authority of Syria, because the world will not be satisfied with the existence of a jihadist and terrorist that threatens the world.

How do you evaluate the changes in the policy of the involved countries in Syria, especially Russia and Turkey contradicted interests?

The contradiction existed from the start, the Turks tried to play on many ropes, they were with the hegemonic forces that wanted change in Syria, and they sought their own interests such as the expansion of the Millennium Charter, but these interests were rejected by the coalition forces and the Syrian regime as well as Russia, this contradiction had to happen , Turkey played on several ropes and went on the policy of blackmailing from the start since it arranged for the immigration operations, encouraged migration into Turkey; it was planned, it wanted to use them in other areas for its political interests as it does today in settling militants in northeastern Syria, to serve Turkey interests, and to implement what Al Baath regime has failed to implement in the" Arab Belt".

The new factor that emerged are the components of northeastern Syria, the Kurds and the resistance of the peoples of northeastern Syria and its system and project, changed the political equation, and the foundations of a new regime that was absent from Syria, a Syrian democratic project that includes all Syrian components, thus failed Turkey's policies through resistance all of which changed the equation, made the Kurdish people and the components of northeastern Syria and its project and new system in the region get admiration and support  by the world, and changed the policies of the world, including America's policy towards the region. The new factor that emerged became the demand of all Syrians, but Turkey is still blocking this path, and we are now facing some promises that have been given to some parties in advance. The new reality that has emerged on the scene, and there is a conflict in this matter. It is imperative that the right, especially after the hegemonic forces gradually take sides alongside this new regime.

*What does Erdogan mean in his remarks about the end of Sochi and Astana?

Yes, of course Astana and Sochi routes and other agreements that we considered from the beginning as transient, had to end, and it must end, because it is tactics that have reached its goal, because the purpose of Astana is to bring together all jihadist and terrorist groups in a specific area and eliminate them after that. This was the Russian plan, we stated it from the start, this is what was achieved, that is why Astana played its role. This is what Turkey does not want, and considered Erdogan's words in this area correct (the role of Astana and Sochi ended), and he means that the role of cooperation that took place between Turkey and Russia is over, too, because Russia has achieved some of its goals. including enabling the regime to control as much as possible over the Syrian territory, to have the strength, presence and international acceptance. It became clear in the absence of what was in circulation about the departure of Assad, which has retreated. Turkey is the biggest loser in this equation because it has not been able to reach its interests in Syria, despite all the destruction it has left behind, and all that it has spent in this .. The Russians have even been able to make other gains at NATO's expense, given turkey's presence, which has become a burden on NATO, which calls for a change in its policies or to be dissolved. 

The Russians succeeded in sowing discord between Turkey and NATO, and were able to pass gas lines through Turkey, and link Turkey to Russia in terms of gas. That made Russia control many things that cause Turkey's inability to move away from Russia, and imposed global isolation on Turkey.   

How do you translate Erdogan's remarks on the need to weight Russia between Syria and Turkey?

 Turkish President Erdoğan's style is blackmailing, he deals with international politics and his domestic policy with the mentality of the villager; either black or white, and through blackmailing Europe over the issue of refugees to achieve his interests in Syria. This policy has done great harm to Turkey. Now when he says that Russia should choose either the Syrian regime or Turkey.  Turkey will also lose, because Erdogan may not be calculating that Russia gained legitimacy in Syria by relying on the Syrian regime's call for its entry into Syria. I think that Turkey will lose this bet as well. The Turkish president lacks dealing with the new files rationally, and this Turkish policy will lose whether in Libya, Greece or Cyprus, the Turkish president is cocky with his power derived and granted by NATO, but his policy will lose.

Why is Iran returning to the Syrian front again, especially after killing of Qassem Soleimani?

Iran is a regional power that wants to expand its influence and has long-standing relations since the advent of the Islamic Revolution in Iran with the Syrian regime, but Iran's threat to Israel is the worrying side  for the United States of America; America wants to ensure that Iran does not pose a threat to Israel, through the sanctions imposed on Iran and killing of Soleimani and others.  America has eliminated the thorn of Iran, and will not disturb the presence of Iranians in some pockets far from Israel as in some rural Aleppo, such as Nobil, Zahra and others. America is not disturbed about the presence of soft Iranian forces in these areas.  The conflict that is now going on in Iraq It will be decisive, some Iranian presence in Syria so as not to harm the U.S. and Israeli presence will not be important. 

The hegemonic forces in Syria (America and Russia) have failed to create a conflict between Turkey and Iran, they will not be able to cause a conflict between Turkey and Iran into , but those parties will use the contradiction of the Ottoman and Safavid states, but Turkey and Iran will not be drawn into a conflict because it will be destruction for both countries, and they will not enter into a direct conflict. But each side will try to use one side against the other.


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