​​​​​​​What behind Imrali's fire?

Reportaj Summay

​​​​​​​What behind Imrali's fire?
3 March 2020   03:12

 Jamal Sheikh Baqi thought that the fire of Imrali is just a threatening message from Ankara to the Kurdish movement warning it not to align with Erdogan's opponents. He called on the Kurdish people and political movement to be vigilant about the dirty policies of the Turkish state.

On February 27, a suspicious fire broke out in the forest of Imrali Island, where the Turkish state has been holding the leader Abdullah Ocalan for more than 21 years.

The fire provoked angry reactions among Kurds as well as Arabs, who considered the fire as a direct threat on the safety of Ocalan.

Since that day, the northeastern regions of Syria have been witnessing daily events to demand verifying the health and safety of Ocalan.

Turkey dealt with the fire as a natural event. Many say that the highly-controlled island of Imrali cannot witness such a fire without the knowledge of the Turkish state, since the fire broke out on a rainy day. That raised many questions about its uncovered messages.

 In an interview with our agency, the Secretary-General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party, Jamal Sheikh Baqi, linked the fire to several factors related to the Turkish situation at home and abroad.

The dialogue is as follows:

 How do you explain the timing of  Imrali's fire?

The fire that broke out in Imrali a few days ago rationally has one of two reasons; either as a result of natural factors or by an actor. If the fire was caused by natural factors, it is winter and Imrali is in the middle of the water, so that this imposition cannot be accepted, and it is difficult to think that the fire was caused by natural factors.

Another possibility, the fire was due to an actor. There is no doubt there are certain objectives and messages behind the fire, and it raises many doubts. It smells like a new conspiracy is being hatched against one of the most prominent symbols of the liberation movement, not only in the Middle East, but in the world.

 I think that if we try to identify the symbols of the liberation movement towards peace, equality and justice, Ocalan is at the forefront. So it is not unusual for a fascist regime to conspire against such a symbol.

If we consider it practically, this fire has two main objectives; the Kurdish movement in general and Turkey wants to say (the Kurdish movement) under the control of the Turkish regime. The Turkish regime went into a major impasse, especially in its conflict in the Idlib region. So it is saying, warning and threatening that (the Kurdish movement) must not interfere in its conflict with the Syrian regime because it knows that this will change the balance of power on the ground.

How can we link the fire to Turkey's regional and international turmoil?

Turkey has become in a quagmire that is very difficult for it to get out of it, especially at the domestic level. Turkey has tried to play on both sides. All its plans are uncovered in front of the West through its cheap bargains and the refugee card to blackmail Europe and the United States of America by bargaining with the Russians and threatening NATO.  

Turkey appeals to America, but it does not pay attention. It tells Turkey: "Take responsibility for your plans."

Russians and Turks met tactically in Syria, but in the end both have a different strategic vision. Russians intervened in Syria as a Russian sphere of influence. There were several understandings on this issue. Lavrov – Kerry agreements have been about this issue.

There was an initial deal of the extermination of the armed opposition and end the Turkish influence. The Turkish card of influence was used in Daraa and Ghouta to Idlib.

When these Russian tactical points ends, Turkey will get into a military crisis in the north of Syria, especially in the north-west. This has increased its crisis in the foreign affairs, which has been escalating mainly for several years.

What are the messages behind the fire for the Kurdish movement?

The message is clear, Turkey is telling the Kurdish liberation movement in North Kurdistan not to be dragged into the internal opposition. I can pressure you by Imrali and Ocalan. I do not take responsibility for it, it may be a judiciary outside Turkey. You should not think about playing on the balance between the Turks and the Syrian regime because taking a stand alongside the regime with Turkey changes that balance.

How should the Kurdish people and the political movement react to what is happening in Imrali? 

Basically, we must be aware of this issue, and the fire confirms that we must be permanently vigilant. Ocalan is a prisoner and hostage to a fascist regime that does not hesitate to do anything. We must always put the world public opinion in the picture of this situation and the masses of the Kurdish people, and the political movement should increase its activities, particularly on the European scene, international organizations, human rights organizations, and influential institutions.


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