Shahuz Hassan criticizing Barzani's visit to Ankara: must not fall into Erdogan's trap

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Shahuz Hassan criticizing Barzani's visit to Ankara: must not fall into Erdogan's trap
1 December 2019   05:50

Shahuz Hassan explained that the initiatives and appeals launched for sake national unity are very important, and evidence that national unity is a basic and life need for the Kurdish people, said: "Erdogan is trying to fragment the Kurdish people and legitimize their attacks and the campaign of genocide against us, and Masror Bazrani must recognize this point and not to fall in his trap. "

The statements of the co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Shahuz Hassan, came during a dialogue with Hawar news agency (ANHA), regarding recent developments in the region and Kurdistan, Turkish attacks on areas of northeast Syria, and the exclusion of components of northeast Syria from the Constitutional Committee and the reasons for its failure.

The following is the text of the interview:

The Turkish occupation army launches attacks on areas of northeast Syria, in addition to its attacks on the areas of Başûr Kurdistan and the arrest of politicians in Bakur Kurdistan, how do you evaluate these attacks and why the Turkish occupation army targets the Kurdish presence?

In fact, this stage is a long period, the Turkish state and the current government follow a fascist mentality, and target the Kurdish presence, and believes that the solution to its existing problems lies in the elimination of the Kurdish people, and this is a historic mistake committed by the current government, and these attacks have strategic consequences and affect the entire region.

So the Kurdish people are struggling and resisting the Turkish occupation's denial policies, and this resistance is now at its peak in Rojava and northeastern Syria. The Kurdish people, by their resistance, have shown to the whole world that they are a people fighting for freedom and a people calling for peace, the mentality that governs Turkey is a fascist mentality and follows a policy of genocide and demographic change against our people.

What is now being observed There is a policy of exterminating the Kurdish people by dictatorial regimes, and the policy of the occupied state of Kurdistan is not a way to resolve the crises that currently exist. Because the Kurdish people reached this stage through their constant resistance and struggle. Despite the current stage, the difficult circumstances, the ferocious attacks and the policies of extermination against our people; our satiety shows great resistance, resistance to dignity, it resonated with the whole world, and we are convinced that our people will prevail. History has shown that the dictatorship mentality has not triumphed over the free will of the peoples of the struggle.

 There have been several appeals for the unification of the Kurdish and Kurdish ranks, and launched several initiatives in this regard, today intellectuals and artists abroad launched a new initiative to unite the Kurdish row, how do you see these initiatives?

Appeals launched and launched to unite the Kurdish ranks show us that the Kurdish people are going through a sensitive and fateful stage, and the fate of our people on the table now, and to unite the Kurdish rank on the ground on all parties and political forces to unite their ranks, and to meet the appeal of our people, who united his speech and united within Resistance to dignity. Political forces and parties must listen to the voice of reason and the voice of the people calling for uniting ranks in Rojava, Başûr, Bakur and Rojhilat Kurdistan.

The appeals and initiative launched by the SDF and by artists and intellectuals in the diaspora are very important. This shows that national unity is a basic and vital need for the Kurdish people, divergence political views should not stand in the way of national unity at this sensitive stage, and all should see that the interests of the people are above all personal, partisan and family interests.

Whenever an initiative is launched to unite the Kurdish ranks in Kurdistan, we see that the Turkish occupation intensifies its attacks, and also tries to show some parties as representatives of the Kurdish people, thus launching its attacks on areas of northeastern Syria and accuses the forces and parties that are fighting for the Kurdish people with terrorism. The recent visit by Masroor Barzani to Turkey, in your opinion, what is the purpose of this policy tired by Turkey against the Kurds?

At the outset, I would like to point out that the fascist mindset in Turkey is now collapsing in front of the resistance of our people, the project presented by Erdogan is rejected by the international and European countries and by the peoples fighting for freedom and even from the Turkish inside, only the State of Qatar supports Erdogan's project.

Erdogan is now alone, and Erdogan has not received any support from international countries to launch attacks on our people, so Erdogan is now trying to legitimize its attacks, and is calling on the forces close to him as Qatar and part of the current Libyan government, to make it clear to the public that he is not alone.

Erdogan is also trying through his recent call to split the voice of the Kurdish people and legitimize attacks on our satiety and the legitimacy of political genocide against us, so the Kurdistan Regional Government and Mr. Masroor al-Barazani to recognize this point and not fall into the trap of Erdogan.

In a related context, the Syrian situation is now being discussed in international forums again, and recently a committee was formed to draft a new Syrian constitution, the components of northeastern Syria have been excluded from these discussions and from the committee that failed, according to those responsible for it.?

Why the components of northeast Syria are excluded and why the Constitutional Committee has failed are linked to each other, to solve the Syrian crisis politically must highlight the will of the Syrian people, everyone says so, but virtually nothing.

To note this position. Before the session of the Constitutional Committee, Iran, Russia and Turkey went to Geneva, although Pedersen did not invite them, and made a statement guaranteeing their support for the Constitutional Committee. Everyone knows that these three countries have an impact on the Syrian crisis, issuing a statement in this way is proof that these countries make clear that the solution to the Syrian crisis should be in accordance with their interests, and evidence of creating obstacles to the solution of the Syrian crisis.

In the same context, the exclusion of the components of northeastern Syria and the democratic forces from this committee is also evidence of the lack of a solution to the Syrian crisis, because the parties involved in the committee are the Syrian regime that adheres to its nationalist and authoritarian mentality that has ruled Syria for nearly 50 years, and the other party is the Muslim Brotherhood Turkey, and their face has emerged during the past years of the Syrian conflict, the Brotherhood is the darkness of all mercenaries supported by Turkey and Turkey used them to achieve its purpose, therefore, the Syrian crisis cannot be solved through such committees.

The exclusion of the components of northeastern Syria that fought for freedom and democracy and the fight of ISIS mercenaries from the discussions that are taking place regarding the solution of the Syrian crisis is a historical error. Everyone is accountable to this, starting with the United Nations, the guarantors of Astana and the small group. Anyone who wants to find a solution to the Syrian crisis in any meeting or discussion what should be attended by all representatives of Syria and the focus of those meetings and discussions will be the free will of the Syrian people, otherwise the interference in Syria in those meetings.