Lebanese writer: We are in clear violation of fight against terrorism

The Lebanese writer Mohamed Ali Farhat said that Turkey is looking for political opponents to put the charge of terrorism on them. He said " IS" was a stage and ended, considering that we are in front of a clear violation of the fight against terrorism and contempt for the people of the region and their civilization.

Lebanese writer: We are in clear violation of fight against terrorism
29 March 2018   18:31

NEWS DESK - Lebanese writer Mohammed Ali Farhat said in an article published in al-Hayat newspaper that it is moving on the Syrian side of Iraq's northwestern border, as well as moving it around several parts of Iraq itself. His state has ended and his successor has disappeared, but his elements are infiltrating the civilian population. Those carrying arms are fighting what Che Guevara called "the communist" - the guerilla war.

The writer confirms that what Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls «Kurdish terrorism» led to the displacement of the people of Afrin, and what he calls the government in Damascus terrorism armed groups abandon the people of East al-Ghouta. In the camps, Russia's silent image appears in front of the Turkish "occupation", which is based on armed withdrawals to ease the extension of Damascus' authority to its eastern border.

The Lebanese writer said that the fertile ground for the extension of «IS in Syria and Iraq, and the citizens of the two countries are increasingly missing any vision of a near peace and a state accepted by the people and deal with justice and equality. If the interior is the title of the crisis, the outside is the contractor and its engine, especially the Turkish president who started threatening to "liberate" Sinjar from the Iraqi "terrorism" Kurdish, and communicates with Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi promising coordination before «liberation», but Baghdad government announced The withdrawal of PKK fighters from Sinjar to be replaced by battalions from the Iraqi army to the Turkish border.

No one cares about the displaced people of Afrin and the eastern al-Ghouta and no one is focusing on their new voices these days. The Syrian people are content to hear the echoes of their voices at the start of the revolution in 2011 and do not care about the new protests. Only silence is a refuge for the Syrians when the American, Russian, Turkish and Iranian see their country and without a clear plan.

The Lebanese writer and affirms the danger of an extension of an existing "IS" in the Iraqi-Syrian border area, where Sinjar. The militants of the terrorist organization clash more than once with the Iraqi forces, specifically in the town of Tal Safok. The danger is concentrated in Sinjar region, which has become a historic sign of the ugliness of armed jihadists, especially as women are taken, enslaved and sold in the markets of the caliphate ,Erdogan did not care about the Sinjar tragedy when it happened. All that he means is the Kurds he calls terrorism, and his American ally is not allowed to ally with them or defend them. As Erdogan moves against the Syrian Kurds in human and land and aspires to repeat his action against the Iraqi Kurds, he has the implicit satisfaction of his Russian and Iranian allies, and the ambiguous position of his American ally.

Farhat concluded his article by saying: "Turkey's contempt for" IS "and looking for political opponents to put the charge of terrorism on them.