Erdogan leaves NATO drift, stands next to Russia

Turkish President Recep Teyyip Erdogan has chosen to stand by Russia in the case of poisoning the former Russian client, leaving the NATO drift, which expelled Russian diplomats from his Russian mission.

Erdogan leaves NATO drift, stands next to Russia
28 March 2018   09:56

NEWS DESK-The leader of Turkish Justice and Development Party (AKP) said in remarks carried by Turkish newspapers on his return from Bulgaria "We do not intend to take similar measures just because some countries have acted on the basis of allegations."

Erdogan's remarks came as both United States and more than 15 countries in the European Union as well as NATO expelled Russian diplomats on the grounds of poisoning the Russian client and his daughter Yulia in Britain on March 4.

Although Turkey, a member of NATO since 1952, has condemned the poisoning issue but has not talked about Moscow, Erdogan has chosen to stand by Russia. Erdogan and Russia have joint agreements in Syria alongside Iran.

AKP, led by Recep Teyyip Erdogan, has played a negative role in the Syrian crisis from the outset by supporting terrorist groups and leading the ranks on the list of global terrorism, as well as the formation of armed mercenary groups in Syria and their loyalty to Erdogan.

Turkey has withdrawn its mercenaries of Jabhat al-Nasra and al- Rahman Corps of al-Gauta in return for Russia allowing Turkey to occupy Afrin. .

Russia and Turkey share the killing of civilians and the destruction of Syrian cities. Russian planes destroyed many Syrian cities on the pretext of fighting terrorist groups supported by Turkey itself, which destroyed many cities and displaced civilians from their villages in Shahba, Jrablos and al-Bab Afrin to change the demography of the region.

Recently, relations between the United States and many European countries on the one hand and Turkey on the other have been strained by Erdogan's policies in the region, which threaten the region as a whole.