Egyptian presidential elections on its final day

Egyptian presidential elections on its final day
28 March 2018   08:01

NEWS DESK - The polling stations opened in the Egyptian presidential elections for the third and final day in the absence of serious competition for the outgoing President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.
Egyptians go to polling stations for the third and final day of presidential elections, where participation is the only challenge.
Sisi, who was elected in 2014, will compete with one candidate, an obscure politician named Musa Mustafa Musa, and a supporter of the current regime. The result of the ballot will be announced on April 2.
According to Agency France-Press that some of the polling stations did not see a high coming in Cairo and the Nile Delta.
So far, the National Elections Commission has not announced the provisional figures for the participation rate, but its spokesman, Mahmoud al-Sharif, pointed to an important participation in the large residential areas such as Cairo, Giza and Alexandria.
The participation rate in the last elections was only 37% after two days of voting, prompting the authorities to extend the polling for 24 hours to be around 47.5%.