We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding

The families of the martyrs who lost their lives during the Kobani massacre indicated that their wounds were still bleeding, and stressed the strengthening of the struggle to heal these wounds.

We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding
We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding
We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding
We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding
We will not forget that day, as our wounds are still bleeding
25 June 2024   04:10

At dawn on June 25, 2015, they were still asleep, like thousands of people in the city. It was the last day of Ramadan. They went back to sleep after suhoor (Per-meal dawn) without knowing that they would be attacked by human monsters that knew nothing about humanity.

ISIS mercenaries, who are supported by the Turkish occupation state, attacked the city of Kobani, where they were defeated at the beginning of the same year (January 26, 2015). They attacked this time in a dirty way. The mercenaries, who disguised themselves as the People’s Protection Units, committed a massacre in the village of Barkh Botan and then in Kobani city center, and the attack resulted in the death of 253 people, including women, children, and the elderly, and the injury of hundreds of others.

Mahmoud Ibrahim and Naima Adel, who lost 8 members of their family in this massacre, are experiencing pain again, on its ninth anniversary.

"I couldn't do anything"

Mahmoud Ibrahim lost his son and two of his brothers in the massacre, along with their wives - one of whom is pregnant - and his father-in-law, and he lives the same pain as he talks about the massacre as if it were repeated in front of him over and over again.

Mahmoud Ibrahim, from the village of Tal Ghazala and lives in the Customs neighborhood in Kobani, explained that they woke up on June 25 to the sound of bullets. He said: “My father-in-law, who was our guest, had woken up to perform the dawn prayer, and after several minutes we heard the sound of a very strong explosion. We saw a number of bodies near the border gate.”

Ibrahim stated that they realized then that the mercenaries had entered the city, so they quickly took action and treated the wounded and transferred the martyrs to hospitals. Then he wanted to return home with his brother, who is a father of 5 children, but his brother told him: “You go back home and take care of the children and protect them.” Ibrahim pointed out that his brother was shot during this conversation while he was only 50 meters away from him, and he continued his speech by saying: “He fell to the ground and called me, but I could not reach him. He told me, ‘I have been burned.’” While he was doing so, his wife, who was preparing the milk, came out. She found her child lying on the ground, so she threw the milk bottle and ran towards him and raised his head, but they also shot her and she fell next to him. After that, they tried to reach the neighbor’s house in this condition, but they were martyred.”

"Mercenaries enter the house"

While Mahmoud Ibrahim lived these painful moments, another pain was added to his pain, as his son ran towards him in fear and told him that mercenaries had entered their house. Mahmoud recalls these moments as if he were living them again, and said: “I heard the sounds of gunfire from inside the house, so I rushed to the house and knocked on the door and opened it.” My wife and I entered. I did not know what to do. I was collapsed. My father-in-law’s chest was full of bullet holes. He was our guest, and my pregnant sister-in-law was hit by a bullet in her forehead. They killed her and her fetus. When I held her head, it was shattered. Then I asked my wife. Regarding my son, she said that he was sleeping in the room, but when I entered the room and lifted the blanket from him, I saw his head was crushed, so I collapsed and lost my voice from the shock. My brother was on the floor and I was not able to save him, so I sat among them like this, waiting for salvation.”

Mahmoud Ibrahim said: “It was a black day, and today is the same. Our wounds bleed again on this anniversary every year.”

Naima Adel: We will strengthen the struggle

The mother, Naima Adel, is one of the witnesses to this massacre. She lost her son Abdul Qadir, so her pain is still great and she still remembers the details of the attack.

Naima Adel noted that the mercenaries attacked at 05:08, and said: “I was hearing the sound of Takbirs. We woke up to the sound of a big explosion, so I asked Abdul Qadir to get up, but he said: “How could ISIS get here?” Then we heard the sound of a big explosion in the border gate, so Abdul Qadir headed towards the place where the sound of the explosion came from. I was calling for him, but he did not allow my voice, so I followed him to the border gate, so we heard the screams of women and found many bodies of children, women and the elderly on the ground, and the sounds of bullets did not stop, so we left the neighborhood and headed towards to the west of Kobani, Abdul Qadir remained alone in the house, while the screams of mothers and women grew louder and louder, and this was not enough for them, as Turkish soldiers were shooting at us from the border.”

Naima Adel indicated that her son Abdul Qadir was martyred during the confrontation with the mercenaries and said: “When they asked me about my son’s whereabouts, I was telling them that he was with his companions. We heard that in the Kobani forest. He confronted the attacks and they shot him with 4 bullets, and my son was martyred with dignity. He was not He knows fear. My heart burns whenever I talk about the day of the massacre. We will never surrender, and we will resist until the last drop of our blood. We will not back down from following the path of our martyrs, and we will strengthen our struggle.”

T/ Satt.