Turkish mercenaries assault woman in Afrin

An elderly woman in occupied Afrin suffered a heart attack after being beaten by Turkish occupation mercenaries.

Turkish mercenaries assault woman in Afrin
24 June 2024   10:24

Yesterday, a mercenary from the "Ahrar al-Sharqiya" group, affiliated with the Turkish occupation, assaulted a man and an elderly woman in occupied Afrin, leading to the elderly woman having a heart attack.

According to local sources who witnessed the incident, the mercenary, known as "Abu Imran," severely beat Kurdish citizen Mohammed Brim from the village of Kiura in Rajo district. The mercenary insulted and humiliated him in front of his family.

When his mother-in-law, Zeinab Sheikho, aged 85, intervened to defuse the situation, she was also beaten. This led to her suffering a heart attack, and she was rushed to a hospital in occupied Afrin in critical condition.

Turkey and its mercenaries have occupied Afrin since March 2018, and the region witnesses daily crimes such as killings, looting, theft, and abductions, as well as infighting among the mercenaries over citizens' properties and smuggling routes.