Turkish Investment Policy in Iraqi Internal Chaos - Hevidar Khalid

Turkish Investment Policy in Iraqi Internal Chaos - Hevidar Khalid
22 March 2024   06:37

Iraq's political arena has been undergoing hot developments at many levels in recent times. as a result of the presidential vacuum of not selecting a new President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives as Mohammed Al-Halbusi's successor, Other problems and issues related to the results of the governorate council elections in Iraq for the first time in almost a decade on 18 December 2023, and to the recent worsening differences between the territorial Governments and the Centre, These include the Southern Kurdistan employees' salary crisis, the Southern Kurdistan oil export file through the central government, Followed by the Federal Court's recent decision to abolish the quota system in the Southern Kurdistan Parliament, which guarantees representation of religious and national components, including Christians, Yazidis and Turkmen. The Kurdistan Democratic Party subsequently announced its boycott of the elections, which made matters worse, and this certainly has a negative impact on the political process in Southern Kurdistan. In addition to ethnic and sectarian differences between the country's main components, which are fuelled and provoked by regional and international actors seeking to create chaos and instability in the region, primarily Turkey.

Of course, in addition to all these difficult crises in the country, Turkey's destructive role clearly and visibly highlights its direct and egregious interference in the affairs of neighbouring countries, exploiting files and crises in these countries. The series of Turkish interventions in Iraq continues, from the construction of military bases to the creation of sectarian strikes among the main components, to threaten its lands and airspace, breaching international laws and customs and all human rights norms.

A good example is the crisis in the post of Governor of Kirkuk, which began with the victory of the National Democratic Union candidate in the provincial council elections. It was further exacerbated and complicated with the insistence of Turkish officials who repeatedly visited the Kurdish city of Kirkuk as if it were a Turkish subordinate state that they were entitled to act as they wished, They tried to create an Arab Kurdish sedition, insisting in official statements and statements that the post of Governor of Kirkuk was the right of the Turkmen component, Although Kurds obtained this position through a democratic process and through the ballot box, the Turkish regime and the Turkmen close to it, who always use them to obtain new privileges here and there. and creating a foothold on Iraqi territory and achieving political and economic gains at their expense, In other words, more precise occupation of Iraqi territory through the portal of the Turkmen component, although it is the least block among the components of the province.

Let's go back to the pressure papers used by the Turkish regime against Iraq to realize its expansionist dreams in the region, extend its control and expand its sphere of influence further. These include the barbed water file that occupies the Iraqi street, where Turkey blocks the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers by building large dams. and thus the water coming into Iraqi territory has become very scarce, with the aim of threatening the security, stability and sovereignty of the country and creating chaos by provoking Iraq with this paper from time to time. Amidst a shy Government position regarding everything Turkey is doing of violations and internationally prohibited practices. For many years, Turkey has been practicing terrorism in this important geographical spot. killing civilians, targeting inhabited villages, displacing them from their villages and towns and destroying their property, Even nature was not spared from Erdogan's power practices that burned forests, cut trees, destroyed green and land and the Iraqi Government has not yet taken a correct, independent and sovereign decision in the face of these provocative interventions and attacks aimed at occupation and broad control.

For years, Turkey has been targeting Iraqi sovereignty and violating all international laws and norms. Turkey has become a disturbing and undesirable neighbour for the Iraqi people. The Iraqi street is dismayed by Turkey's hostile policies against it, after blocking water and building more than 35 military bases and sites on its territory.

Ankara has not stopped there to limit attacks and violations of Iraqi sovereignty. In recent years, it has intensified visits by its officials and official delegations at the highest levels to Baghdad, In order to negotiate with the Iraqi Government the PKK file and strike the Kurdistan Freedom Movement invoked by the Turkish regime to target Iraq's sovereignty and occupation of its territory, Ankara called on Baghdad to engage in its war against the Kurdistan Workers' Party and continue to strive through its ongoing meetings with Iraqi officials to persuade them to sign security agreements that drag Iraq to fight the PKK and place the party in the "terrorist list" and the list of proscribed political parties in Iraq, which put considerable pressure on Iraq to bow to its demands and make it an accomplice to its terrorism against the region

The current Iraqi Government should know that if it ceded to Turkey in these negotiations, it bowed to its open blackmail. and trade-off policy across the so-called development route and transport lines connecting the Gulf to the Turkish border, This Ankara more than Baghdad aspires to transform a Middle East-Europe cargo transport baseline .It will lose parts of the geographically rich Iraq, and therefore Turkey will surround the country politically and economically which means that this development project will be turned into a blueprint for Iraq's destruction in favour of Turkey's ambitious expansion, Which begged all Arab countries not to lose their strategic role in the region and is now trying to gain the same status through Iraq, but at the expense of the Iraqi people this time.

Baghdad must be fully aware of Ankara's work in Iraq and to pay careful attention to what Turkey wants or seeks and plans to achieve from its pressure and extortion demands, The Iraqi arena is currently unprepared for further crises, wars and conflicts. Because they suffer from hundreds of crises, Iraqi officials must not be pawns in the hands of occupying Turks with aspirations in Iraq.

and on all occasions, they are not embarrassed to declare that Mosul and Kirkuk are Turkish states. s bloodshed ", and they drew maps that they boast of reviewing in front of their supporters, planning to dominate these areas and realize the dream of the Ottoman Empire over the blood of peoples. If there is no strong and firm stance on the Iraqi Government, Turkey will continue to blackmail it and will not cease to do so. Iraq must support Workers' Party fighters politically, militarily and diplomatically rather than fight them, because Baghdad's involvement in this scheme will be part of a genuine catastrophe that will take place in the region as a result of this war, which will never be in Iraq's favour.

Today's fighters of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) are the immune dam and the wall, which protects Iraq's sovereignty from Turkish ambitions and schemes. Without the resistance of the party's fighters, Turkey has occupied all villages and areas in Southern Kurdistan and, without the sacrifices of these fighters, ISIS would have extended to large areas from which the Iraqi army and other forces were supposed to protect the civilian population from the threat of terrorism, especially in Southern Kurdistan, While we all know PDK's support for the Turkish state to fight PKK and how the Kurdistan democracy paves the way on a daily basis for Turkey, which is seeking new ways and means to fight the PKK to escape its internal crises and export them beyond its borders, With the aim of obtaining chauvinists' votes at a time when you stand on the cusp of an election in which those chauvinists' votes play a major role in manipulating of the results  . and everyone has to know that Turkey is not just fighting the Kurdistan Workers' Party, The entire Kurdish people are fighting, so today's concerted efforts are more necessary than ever, in order to put an end to Turkey's ambitions and scuttle its expansionist agendas.

T/ Satt.