"Turkish attacks continuation of efforts to strike Autonomous Administration project"

Members of the Future Syria Party from the Green Idlib Council confirmed that the Turkish occupation state’s continued attacks on NE Syria come within the framework of its ongoing efforts to strike the project of Democratic Autonomous Administration and revive ISIS in the region, and stressed their adherence to their existing project.

"Turkish attacks continuation of efforts to strike Autonomous Administration project"
20 January 2024   04:54

This came in the speech of members of the Green Idlib Council of the Future Syria Party, during our agency’s monitoring, about the attacks on NE Syria being exposed to in terms of the attacks of the Turkish occupation state, and the movement of ISIS cells in the region in conjunction with the attacks, the most recent of which was a missile attack on a prison where 5,000 foreign ISIS mercenaries were being held.

Since the night of Friday - Saturday, various areas in the NE Syria have been subjected to intense air and ground bombardment launched by the Turkish occupation state, over the course of 3 days, it affected 80 locations in the region, including infrastructure, service and economic institutions, injured 7 citizens, and completely destroyed the only electricity generation facility in the region.

The head of the Green Idlib Council in the Future Syria Party, Abd al-Rahman Al-Hassan, confirmed that the attacks launched by the Turkish occupation state on the region are aimed at dismantling the Syrian national cohesion that exists in the region of NE Syria, and emptying the region of its people by targeting the infrastructure and sources of livelihood, in preparation for its occupation

The recent wave of attacks and their escalation is considered a continuation of Turkey's hostile policy towards the people of the NE Syria, which has managed to build a promising political-military administrative body that will spread throughout the Syrian geography to solve the country's crisis

Abd al-Rahman did not exclude the simultaneous targeting of a prison where 5,000 ISIS mercenaries were held, the “Industrial Prison” in the city of Hasaka, from Turkey’s efforts that it is trying to achieve in NE Syria.

Member of the Green Idlib Council in the Future Syria Party, Hossam Abd al-Hanan, said about the recent scene, “The Turkish occupation attacks on the region clearly demonstrated the continuation of Turkey’s systematic ambitions,” indicating that Turkey aspires to occupy more of the Syrian geography and eliminate the Syrians' democratic experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Hossam Abd al-Hanan stressed the steadfastness of the people of North and East Syria in their position on resolving the Syrian crisis politically, away from military solutions, and that the attacks, no matter how escalated, will not deviate them from their goal of bringing the country to safety through their experience, the existing Autonomous Administration.

The Deputy General Secretariat of the Future Syria Party, Ahmed Al-Sultan, saw the necessity of imposing a no-fly zone on NE Syria, to alleviate the suffering of the Syrians in the long-standing crisis, because the region’s people’s project has the ability to resolve the crisis, and at the same time it will contribute to limiting the return of ISIS, whose threat to the world still exists.