They cannot eradicate us by imposing siege- starvation

Kobani citizens have underscored that the resistance the people of al-Shahba and Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafia neighborhoods will fail all Damascus Government policies from its content, expressing their steadfastness to confront the severe siege imposed on them. Saying’ they cannot eradicate us by imposing siege and starvation.

They cannot eradicate us by imposing siege- starvation
12 January 2024   04:02

The Damascus Government imposes a stifling siege on Afrin, Al-Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud, and Ashrafia neighborhoods in Aleppo, preventing the entry of medical supplies and fuel into these two areas.

ANHA agency interviewed with Euphrates Canton people, expressing their dissatisfaction of the Damascus Government policy, and expressed their solidarity with the people besieged there, as citizen Hajji Muhammad confirmed this by saying: “We categorically reject the siege of the Damascus government and the starvation policy it imposes on our people in Al-Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud, and Ashrafieh.” He added, "The Damascus government's goal in imposing the siege is to incite the people against the Autonomous Administration."

Hajji Muhammad stressed that all Syrians are brothers, and that they (the people of Sarrin district) are ready to provide everything necessary to break the siege imposed on the people of Afrin, al-Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud, and Ashrafia cantons. They will never accept that there is a siege on an area within the Syrian geography, and they will break the siege with their solidarity and unity.

As for citizen Muhammad Rajab, he said, “Instead of imposing a siege on the people of Afrin and al-Shahba canton, it would have been better to stand up to the attacks of the Turkish occupation state and protect the people of the region.” He added that what the Damascus government is doing “is unacceptable to all segments of society in the region, and it is a step to thwart Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA.

Rajab emphasized by saying: "We are a people who live on the geography of Syria. We will be united in the face of everyone who tries to encroach on our areas, and we will stand against the siege imposed on the people of Afrin and al-Shahba canton, because this siege is considered a siege on the people of the entire region."

For his part, citizen Asaad Abboud said: “We all know what the Syrian regime wants, which is to obtain some concessions from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria,” and pointed out that what Damascus is doing is contrary to all human and moral values, “and renewing the centenary division of geography of Kurdistan through the policy of starvation and siege.

He added: "The Syrian regime is trying to renew the massacres it committed against the people of the region, specifically the Kurdish people, who were subjected to persecution for a quarter of a century by the Baathist regime in coordination with the Turkish occupation state, which is trying to achieve imaginary victories after the repeated defeats it suffers in the mountains of Kurdistan at the hands of the Guerrilla forces." “They are both two sides of the same coin, and their goal is to annihilate the peoples of the region.”

For her part, citizen Ghalia Bakki rejected the siege imposed on the people of Afrin, al-Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud, and Ashrafia canton, and said: “We are peoples who do not end with siege and starvation, and we are all with the people of al-Shahba, and we tell them do not surrender, for victory is closer than ever before.”

T/ Satt.