SDC calls on Syrians to unite their position against Turkish occupation attacks

The Syrian Democratic Council condemned "the Turkish army's aggression, its threat to security and stability, and its terrorizing of safe citizens," and called on "all Syrian forces to have a unified stance toward these brutal attacks, which are considered war crimes against humanity."

SDC calls on Syrians to unite their position against Turkish occupation attacks
26 December 2023   11:37

The Syrian Democratic Council issued a statement regarding the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the region of NE Syria and its targeting of infrastructure.

The statement stated at the beginning: “Since Sunday, December 24, the Turkish Air Force has continued its aggression, using warplanes and drones that have bombed several vital sites in the NE region of Syria, with the aim of destroying the service and economic infrastructure of the civilian population, for the third time within a year, Turkish army is attacking the pillars of civilian life in this region, where nearly 5 million Syrian citizens live. Within 2 days, Turkish aircraft bombed many institutions that constitute the economic structure of the people; Such as power generation stations, oil production fields, hospitals, agricultural development companies, construction development companies, and the destruction of a printing press that was concerned with spreading thought and culture in the region, that its director and a number of its male and female workers were martyred, along with a number of martyrs among the civilian ranks working in various of these institutions.

The SDC condemned “in the strongest terms the aggression of the Turkish army and its threat to security and stability, and the terrorizing of safe citizens and fighting them for their livelihood under the pretext of protecting Turkey’s national security. The Council also condemns Turkey’s hostile policies towards NE Syria, and its continued pursuit of displacement policies and demographic change projects that it is implementing in the areas where It occupied areas such as Afrin, Ras al-Ayn, and Tal Abyad.”

It also called on the international community, represented by the United Nations and its competent bodies, to condemn this aggression, hold Turkey accountable, put an end to its interventions that violate international norms and laws, and exert maximum pressure to respect Syria’s sovereignty and adhere to the rules of good neighborliness.

The Council also calls on the United States and the Russian Federation to exercise their role in protecting and applying the rules of international law and international humanitarian law and not to tolerate Turkish ambitions and the blackmail policies it practices, especially at this very complex stage that the region is witnessing.

At the end of its statement, the SDC stressed the necessity of Syrian unity. “The Syrian Democratic Council, as announced in its fourth conference, stresses the importance of the political solution in Syria and believes that the unity of the Syrians is the only path for the Syrians and the main gateway towards resolving their crisis and achieving a democratic transition towards a new constitution for a pluralistic Syria, and decentralized, the Council warns of the state of division that has become the main reason for the continuation of regional interventions that reflect negatively on the Syrian people and their future."

 The Council calls on "all Syrian forces to have a unified stance towards these brutal attacks, which are considered war crimes against humanity.”