Scenes in Afrin... visions explaining reality of occupied city

The scenes coming from occupied Afrin illustrate the reality of the war crimes witnessed in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries in Syria against the remaining citizens there.

Scenes in Afrin... visions explaining reality of occupied city
14 March 2024   10:54

The murder of a minor Kurdish child, Hamad Khaled Mamo, 15 years old, in the Janders district of Afrin Canton occupied by the Turkish occupation mercenaries, sparked popular discontent, and was accompanied by protests against Turkey and its mercenaries, in which dozens of those remaining in Afrin, whose people were displaced from it during the Turkish attack and its mercenaries in 2018, participated.

The day of the boy's killing was separated by a few days from the date of the killing of 3 members of one family in the same area and in the same month last year, on the eve of Nowroz.

The Turkish occupation mercenaries committed a massacre against family members in the Janders district of occupied Afrin, resulting in the martyrdom of 4 people. On the eve of Nowroz, March 20, last year, after they lit a Nowroz torch on the roof of their house.

"Farah al-Din Othman, his son Muhammad, Nazmi Othman, and Muhammad Othman were killed there."

The scenes published about the protests that took place last night against the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries show popular anger, and the participants’ expression of their suffering at the crimes committed by the occupiers.

As it explains, mercenaries targeted protesters with live bullets.

One of the Afrin people participating in a protest last evening shouted, calling for their freedom from the occupation, saying: “For how long, Kurds, will we be killed without you moving? Enough of the injustice. Long live the Afrin resistance!”

Since March 18, 2018, the occupied city of Afrin has not witnessed peace due to the crimes committed by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of the region.