Delegation of DAA meets with parliamentarians of Swiss Senate

A number of Swiss parliamentarians and senators condemned the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the region of NE Syria, during a meeting that brought them together with a delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Delegation of DAA meets with parliamentarians of Swiss Senate
14 March 2024   11:10

Within the framework of the continuation of the diplomatic movement of the Democratic Autonomous Administration abroad, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Europe, Abdul Karim Omar, and the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration’s representation in Switzerland, Media Hassan met with the Senator of the Socialist Party, Carlo Sommaruga, and the Member of Parliament for the Socialist Party, Lawrence Fellmann Riel, Socialist Party Member of Parliament, Fabian Molina, and Green Party Member of Parliament, Claudia Friedel, in the capital, Bern.

At the beginning of the meeting, the representative of the Autonomous Administration in Europe, Abdul Karim Omar, gave a brief overview of the experience of the Autonomous Administration, noting that the administration was formed by agreement between all components of the region with the active participation of women, whose representation in all institutions and structures of administration reaches 50%, in addition to the adoption of Administration of the co-presidency system.

Omar added: "The Autonomous Administration is a project that aims to build a democratic, decentralized Syria. It is not a divisive project as promoted by others."

Stressing that the Autonomous Administration faces political, economic, humanitarian, security and other challenges, “but the threats coming from the Turkish side are almost the most dangerous of all.

Regarding the Turkish attacks, Omar pointed out: “The Turkish state is currently trying to exploit the international community’s preoccupation with the Gaza war to intensify its attacks and violations in our regions. During the past period, it launched a series of attacks that systematically targeted vital infrastructure, including power, electricity, gas and water stations, as well as hospitals and centers.” One of the repercussions of these attacks is that there are millions of citizens now suffering from the loss of these basic life services.”

He called for the need to hold those responsible for these crimes accountable, saying: “What the Turkish state is doing falls within the category of war crimes under international laws, and therefore the Autonomous Administration called on the international community and the concerned authorities to send a fact-finding committee, as a starting point towards achieving justice by holding those responsible for the crimes accountable.”

He added: “The material losses resulting from these targets exceed the capabilities of the Autonomous Administration to rehabilitate the damaged facilities. Accordingly, we call on the Swiss government and all the international community to provide urgent assistance, given that the region is currently suffering from very difficult humanitarian conditions as a result of the repeated Turkish attacks.”

Omar also called on the Swiss government and all governments of the world to put pressure on Turkey to stop its attacks and violations on NE Syria.

In turn, the Swiss representatives and senators said, "We believe in the urgent need to maintain relative security and stability in the regions of NE Syria, and we appreciate the sacrifices you have made in the battle against terrorism, and we also see the need for the international community to assume its responsibilities in this file."

The representatives and senators added, "Our position is clear regarding the Turkish attacks, as we condemn all attempts to target infrastructure, civilian facilities, and civilians' livelihoods."