Sanctions against the leader: sanctions against freedom, democracy, peace in Middle East

In the North and East of Syria, intellectuals and politicians denounced the extension by the Turkish occupation authorities of so-called "disciplinary sanctions" against leader Abdullah Ocalan and affirmed that they were political against democracy, freedom and peace in the Middle East.

Sanctions against the leader: sanctions against freedom, democracy, peace in Middle East
24 May 2024   03:31

The Turkish authorities extended the so-called "disciplinary sanctions" imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan for another six months, in a continuation of the severe isolation imposed on him since 25 March 2021.

This was denounced and decried by the writer and member of the Union of Intellectuals in al-Jazira canton, Azhar Ahmed, who denounced the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan and extended the so-called "punitive sanctions" and said: "The Turkish authorities, through this decision, are trying to tighten the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan, in flagrant violation of human rights in prisons, particularly the rights of politicians and intellectuals."

Ahmed noted: "The tightening of laws and sanctions is a continuation of the strict isolation imposed on the leader; his idea and philosophy lay the foundations for solutions and peace in the Middle East, and because the authoritarian States see them as a threat to their project, so these sanctions are sanctions against democracy, freedom, humanity and the repetition of all."

The intellectuals and jurists demanded an escalation of their struggle to break the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan and achieve his physical freedom.

"Isolation is imposed on the thinking and philosophy of Ocalan as a danger to the dominant states."

While affirming that these sanctions are a flagrant violation of international and humanitarian norms, and are immoral and inhuman, the citizen of Muhammad is trying to keep leader Ocalan from exercising any form of life in the cell."

"The Turkish fascism has physically arrested the leader, but in its view his idea is the greatest danger to her, so it tries by various means to convey his philosophy to the region and to the people who believe in his philosophy, and the dominant States, together with the Turkish authorities, do not want peace in the region and the Middle East; they are the beneficiaries of these wars."

The peoples of the region and the advocates of freedom demanded that the struggle be stepped up and went out to the squares, and that their voice be united to demand the physical freedom of leader Ocalan.

"Human and human rights organizations during their silence are the partners of the dominant states by imposing isolation."

The administrator of the Women Office of the PYD party in Hasaka city, Aziza Hasso, denounced the isolation and new punishments imposed on leader Ocalan and prevented him from exercising his most basic rights, saying: "The Turkish authorities, through these sanctions and the isolation imposed, are trying to prevent the leader thoughts and philosophy from going out of prison."

Legal and human institutions that remain silent have been held accountable for what happens to the leader in Imrali prison.

She called on all components to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Messenger of Peace.

T/ Satt.