DAA releases a statement about Turkish aggression

The Democratic Autonomous Democratic in North and East of Syria condemned the Turkish aggression, stressed that it would not compromise the defense of the people gains, and called on the legal and international bodies to act to reduce violations against safe civilians and put their lives at risk of threats and bombing.

DAA releases a statement about Turkish aggression
23 May 2024   19:15

The Turkish occupying state continues its brutal attacks against North and East. On Thursday, a citizen was martyred and five citizens were injured as a result of the bombing of the villages of the canton of Manbij by Turkish occupation.

DDA issued a statement, in which it denounced the Turkish attacks and said: "It is aimed at destabilizing Turkey and a desire to create strife and escape the internal crisis."

The statement states: "The system of AKP continues its war against our regions without justification or any justification. The system seeks, with all possibilities, to create conditions and conditions for the return of chaos and terrorism.

As a complement to the war of extermination, the Turkish State and its mercenaries have targeted the Manbij canton and its former al-Shahba. This aggression has resulted in the martyrdom of a citizen and the injury of several children, including children. This targeting serves the state of chaos that is intended to provoke it, as well as undermines efforts to focus on the fight against terrorism.

At a time when we, in the DAA, denounces this aggression, we reaffirm that we will not compromise our people gains, and we call for the necessary movement of the forces that are eager to reduce the escalation by demonstrating their responsibilities. Their silence directly provides moral support to Turkey. This brings with it challenges that will further exacerbate the existence of a blockade and suffering for refugees in our regions. It also creates chaos in all areas that contain camps, including the terrorist families of ISIS/ Daesh.

We also call on legal and international actors to act to curb these violations against safe civilians and put their lives at risk of threats and bombing by Turkey.

T/ Satt.