Abduction, Sexual Abuse of a Minor Child in Occupied Afrin

A 17-year-old minor girl in occupied Afrin was subjected to a crime of sexual assault after being abducted by mercenaries of the Turkish occupying state.

Abduction, Sexual Abuse of a Minor Child in Occupied Afrin
24 June 2024   17:28

According to the 24th Afrin News website, which documents violations and crimes within the occupied city of Afrin, a mercenary named Youssef abducted the girl from the village of Kapashin, then sent her home one day after her abduction. She was found in a deplorable state.

The girl, identified as K. M. suffered health and psychological issues, prompting her family to take her to a doctor in the city, who determined that she had been raped multiple times. Due to her family's lack of understanding about the situation, her father attempted to kill her before being stopped by villagers.

This crime is not an isolated incident since the occupation of Afrin by the Turkish state and its mercenaries in 2018. Hundreds of women, girls, and even children have been victims of such crimes amidst widespread chaos, insecurity, and international silence in the occupied regions of Turkey.

T/ Satt.