Qalaji: Turkish occupation reinforces its presence on Syrian territories

The Syrian politician Mustafa Qalaji, asserted that there is no use in any Syrian rapprochement with the Turkish occupying state because it is trying to consolidate its occupation and existence by any means available. He pointed out that its colonial practices on the ground, such as flag-raising, the imposition of Turkish currency, language and curricula, and demographic change, indicate that Syrian rapprochement is the best solution.

Qalaji: Turkish occupation reinforces its presence on Syrian territories
19 June 2024   04:10

There has been renewed talk of the path of rapprochement between the government of Damascus and the Turkish occupation, and in this context, there have been numerous reports of Iraqi mediation between the two sides.

On June 1st, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, in an interview with the Turkish Türk news channel, said that he was making contacts with Bashar al-Assad and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on reconciliation between the parties. al-Sudani added: “If God wills, we will see some steps in this regard soon.”

In its turn, over the past two days, the Turkish newspaper Aydınlık reported that two military delegations from the Government of Damascus and the Turkish occupation, under Russian mediation, had conducted negotiations at the Hamimim airbase, and the next meeting was expected to take place in Baghdad.

“On June 11th, a meeting was held between military officials of the Turkish Armed Forces and the Syrian army at the Russian airbase in Hamimim, south-east of Latakia. According to the information available, the recent events in Idlib were discussed during the meeting.”

The newspaper claimed: “This was the first meeting of its kind on security issues on Syrian territory. Syrian-Turkish relations seem to be getting closer.”

Embedded occupation by any means.

The Secretary-General of the Syrian Party for Change and Renaissance, Mustafa Qalaji, spoke to ANHA's agency, saying: There are no complete ruptures between the central government in Damascus and the Turkish regime, even at the height of the ongoing war. There have been direct and indirect meetings through intermediaries. As a result, countries are always trying to benefit from any variable and thus remain in a kind of communication that guarantees it.

With regard to the possibility of describing the Turkish movement as a political and military maneuver, Mustafa Qalaji, explained: Turkey has a project that, by all means at its disposal, is consolidating and pursuing the Misak-ı Millî and is already taking rapid and important steps in this direction. NATO-backed Turkey and its allies in Astana, are striving to impose conditions that will make the occupied Syrian territory a fait accompli and therefore are making demographic changes in these areas under so-called de-escalation agreements, violating all international laws and violating the rights of people.

During his speech, the Syrian politician focused on Turkish objectives: Turkey has an occupation project for our regions and is working to consolidate this occupation through a number of means. It raises its flag on Syrian soil, imposes Turkish currency, imposes Turkish curricula on Syrians in the region, closes the border to families and opens it towards Turkish territory, not to mention linking the region with all the details of life and its needs for water, electricity, the internet and everything necessary to sustain living in these areas.

There's no point in getting closer to the occupation, Turkey is an occupied and useless state with which it is not expected to have any connection in the face of our weakness as scattered parties that draw its allies upon us.

Syrian politician Mustafa Qalaji,affirmed that Syrian rapprochement is the only way to restore the rights of Syrians because those involved in the Syrian issue are managing the matter according their interests. Our only option is not to rely on foreigners, whatever they may be. We must move towards preserving each other's interests and achieving everything that will restore our security, our country's stability, and the achievement of sustainable development.

T/ Satt.