Politicians: Isolation on Leader aims to exterminate of Kurdish people

Politicians confirmed that the Turkish occupation state wants to exterminate the Kurdish people by imposing strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and the Kurdish issue will not be resolved unless the leader’s physical freedom is achieved.

Politicians: Isolation on Leader aims to exterminate of Kurdish people
23 May 2024   03:01

No information has been received about the  Leader Abdullah Ocalan since the last meeting with him on March 25, 2021, as the authorities of the Turkish occupation state have prevented his family and lawyer from meeting with him, under the pretext of the existence of so-called (Disciplinary Penalties).

Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Syria, Joan Abdul Karim Suku, shed light on the policies of isolation imposed on Leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said: “The policies of the Turkish authorities in preventing the family of Leader Abdullah Ocalan and his lawyer from meeting with him are not the result of today, but rather the result of the ongoing policies to end the Kurdish people.” "More than 100 years ago."

Joan Sko explained that Leader Abdullah Ocalan represents the thought of the general Kurdish people, and his ideas and philosophy have inspired the world and added: “The Turkish attacks aim to eliminate the thought and philosophy of Leader Abdullah Ocalan.”

Sko called on the Kurdish political movement to carry out its tasks: “The Kurdish political movement is required to unite and carry out activities at the international and international level.”

He stressed the necessity of forming a Kurdish authority to end the isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan and resolve the Kurdish issue.

Ibrahim stressed: " Kurdish issue and the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan are linked to each other, and the outstanding issues in the region can also be resolved through the philosophy of the leader."