Ahmed Youssef: Pershmerga Roj recruits children

A Dissident from the so-called (Pershmerga Roj ) confirmed that most of those joining their forces are children with assistance of KDP and MIT, and called on those who joined to abandon their weapons and return to their homes.

Ahmed Youssef: Pershmerga Roj recruits children
23 May 2024   04:10

Ahmed Youssef, from the city of Qamishlo, joined the ranks of the so-called (Roj Peshmerga) in 2012 in  S.Kurdistan. On April 21, 2018, he defected from them and returned to his city, and joined the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces. 

Al-Youssef explained that most of those who joined the ranks of the so-called (Roj Company) were children.

Youssef added: “When the forces were formed, they were telling us that you will go to Rojava to protect the revolution, but unfortunately, after we trained, this was not happened, Masoud Barzani promised us that we would not include any parties, but After 3 years, the Kurdish National Council parties began to push their supporters into these forces."

Al- Youssef touched on the Turkish role: “We saw the deviation of these forces from their basic path; they became affiliated with the Turkish army in 2018. I saw with my own eyes how Ahmed Davutoglu held a meeting with the Peshmerga of Roj. They told us that the international coalition would visit us, but we were surprised that it was Ahmed Davutoglu. He told us that he was training us to return us to our country to attack the Syrian army, terrorism, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. Most of the young men involved in the ranks of the Roj Peshmerga were children.

Al-Youssef noted that he was in the town of Khansour in Şengal before the attack launched by the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the so-called (Peshmerga Roj) on March 3, 2017. He said: “I withdrew from the town of Khansour so as not to shed the blood of my brothers. I was arrested for 3 days and interrogated.” ". 

Al-Youssef made the point clear: “We reject the war of brothers because it is a filthy war, and we do not want to repeat what happened in the Khansour war,” and stressed that the Turkish occupation state is using the so-called (Peshmerga of Roj) to fight the Syrian Democratic Forces and against the Democratic Autonomous Administration.

Al-Youssef says that he was influenced by the resistance of Afrin, which caused him to leave those forces and return to Rojava, and he is now a fighter within the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Ahmed Youssef called on the members of the so-called (Peshmerga Roj) to abandon their weapons and return to their homes.