PJAK calls for self-organization amid wildfires

The environmental committee of the Kurdistan Free Life Party stated that the Iranian state is responsible for the wildfires raging in parts of E. Kurdistan, urging the people to organize themselves to safeguard their environment.

PJAK calls for self-organization amid wildfires
11 June 2024   11:09

In a statement issued by the committee regarding the recent wildfires in the plains and forests of Jawanro and Pawiya in E. Kurdistan, it reads:

"With the arrival of summer, various forests and plains in E. Kurdistan are once again susceptible to wildfires, with hidden hands behind them. Therefore, there is a need for grassroots self-organization to control these fires and protect the environment. Most of these fires are a result of the security-oriented outlook of the Iranian regime, and it is necessary to struggle against this through a stance that the people can fundamentally adopt.

While the Iranian regime pays little attention to these fires, the containment of these fires has been achieved thanks to civil organizations consisting of environmental activists and environmentalists. It is evident that the regime's security-oriented outlook and the presence of hidden hands have been causes of these ongoing fires for years. Therefore, the destruction of the regime's policies and actions can only be achieved through a continuous stance and movement by the people and environmental activists, as well as legitimate resistance to environmental institutions.

The environmental committee condemns these hidden hands and the silence of official institutions, calling on civil environmental organizations, environmental activists, and all segments of society to attempt to control and extinguish the fires. Additionally, grassroots self-organization is a democratic right that must be further developed. It is imperative for our people not to wait for anything from the regime and to take action themselves, as the primary way to prevent the underlying causes of these fires is to strengthen grassroots democratic organization and unity."