Participants in the Freedom March head from Bursa to Gemlik

Hundreds of participants in the "Freedom March" gathered with hundreds of people coming from Istanbul in the Arabayatagı neighborhood, and headed to Kemlik despite all the pressures and obstacles of the police.

Participants in the Freedom March head from Bursa to Gemlik
19 November 2023   16:22

The "Freedom March" continues from all parts of Kurdistan and Turkey towards the Gemlik district in Bursa, to demand the end of the isolation of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who has been subjected to strict isolation on Imrali Island and no information has been received from him for 33 months.

Under the slogan “Long live Leader APO,” hundreds of people from a number of districts of Istanbul headed to Gemlik since the morning hours despite the heavy rain there. In Bursa, which is the center of the march, hundreds of people gathered in the Arabayatagi neighborhood in Yildirim district, organized by the People’s Equality and Democracy Party (HEDEP), while the Turkish police cordoned off the perimeter of the gathering square and prepared arrest cars.

From Istanbul towards Gemlik

Some cars coming from Istanbul are stopped at police checkpoints, while others reach Gemlik. Cars coming from Istanbul to Bursa joined the “Freedom March” crowds there and began heading to Gemlik together.

In another context, the Turkish police closed the institutions of the People's Equality and Democracy Party in the districts of Ingol and Yildirim.

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