Panorama of the week Unbearable situation in Damascus Gov. areas ,Turkish – Iranian contradictions 

Damascus government areas are witnessing an increasing deterioration in the living situation. Civil society circles believe that things are getting worse, while the war in Gaza has been renewed amid indications that its end will not be near, amid efforts to spare Lebanon the possibility of war erupting on its borders, while this escalation has been reflected in Turkish-Iranian relations, where more discrepancies and contradictions have emerged.

Panorama of the week Unbearable situation in Damascus Gov. areas ,Turkish – Iranian contradictions 
3 December 2023   08:01

During the past week, Arab newspapers touched on the living situation in the areas of the Damascus government, in addition to the developments in Gaza and its impact on Lebanon, in addition to Turkish-Iranian relations.

The worst is coming in the Damascus government areas

Starting with the Syrian issue, and in this context, Al-Arab newspaper pointed out that the repeated power outages, which extend for long hours, have exacerbated the suffering of Syrians in areas controlled by the Damascus government, amid statements by government officials that indicate that what is coming is worse, and many neighborhoods in the Syrian capital, Damascus, have been exposed. In the city of Homs in central Syria, and As-Suwayda in the south of the country, there was an outage in the electricity networks for ten hours during the past days.

According to the newspaper, the Damascus government intends to raise the rationing hours, which is causing a great wave of dissatisfaction among citizens, especially since the step is accompanied by a significant increase in electricity bills, which has burdened the Syrians.

An Israeli proposal for Gaza and the war resumes

Regarding developments in Gaza, Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper quoted Egyptian and regional sources as saying that Israel had informed several Arab countries of its desire to establish a buffer zone on the Palestinian side of the Gaza Strip border, to prevent any future attacks on it, as part of proposals regarding the Strip in the post-war period. The newspaper believes that this initiative does not indicate the near end of the Israeli attack, which resumed on Friday, after a seven-day truce.

Western efforts to spare Lebanon the possibility of war

The Lebanese Al-Jumhuriya newspaper indicated that well-informed political sources revealed that “the Western diplomatic movement is still focused on the priority of sparing Lebanon the possibility of war, and warns of its dire consequences,” noting that despite assurances from Lebanese officials that they do not want Lebanon to engage in a large-scale war, The situation in the border area is still a cause for concern, and the Commander of UNIFIL, General Aroldo Lazaro, expressed real concerns that any additional escalation in southern Lebanon could have devastating consequences.”

Differences between Turkey and Iran

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported on Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s last-minute withdrawal from a scheduled summit with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara. Diplomatic sources revealed that the sudden suspension of the visit came due to the Iranian president’s attempt to pressure Turkey to take a position that goes beyond just sharp rhetoric against Israel. They considered that Raisi wanted to put more pressure on Turkey because of its continued relations with Israel, despite summoning its ambassador for consultations. The newspaper believes that the war in Gaza revealed discrepancies between Ankara and Tehran, and perhaps “a kind of competition for roles” and influence on Hamas’ position.

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