Kurdish parties prepare to unify political position

Kurdish parties in North and East Syria have been working for some time to consolidate the political position and play an important and active role in resolving the Kurdish issue in Syria, achieving important results in this regard.

Kurdish parties prepare to unify political position
11 April 2024   03:01

Kurdish parties in North and East Syria hold a series of meetings and meetings in order to reach a unified political vision to resolve the Kurdish issue in Syria.

The first steps in this area were taken last year and important results were achieved, and part of these activities were engaged with the media and today reached the level of..

As wars and crises continue in the Middle East, and the Turkish occupying  state plans to launch new attacks and seek to sow discord between Kurds and incite them to each other, Kurdish parties have intensified their efforts and struggle to unite the Kurdish class.

According to information received from party officials involved in these activities, the idea of creating a unified policy came from the following point of view: "We must participate in the resolution of the Kurdish issue and the Syrian crisis and be active and influential in this, and lay the foundation for dialogue aimed at resolving the crises".

Meetings are the first step in this regard

Within the framework of this vision, dialogues and meetings were first held between the Kurdish parties. In this regard, the position of 24 political parties in the region was positive and they participated in the meetings. When the preparation of the social contract in North and East Syria was discussed late last year, these parties accelerated their work and activities.

Draft political vision

On 29 December last year, these efforts culminated in the preparation of a draft political vision or position, consisting of 9 items, to which 5 more items were added after the discussions, to become 14 items.

Kurdish National Council rejected from the outset

The draft was considered positive by most of the parties participating in the meetings, while only 4 expressed reservations on 3 items, so negotiations with them continue.

What is remarkable here is the refusal of the Kurdish National Council, which meets with occupation forces and mercenaries everywhere, to join efforts to unify the Kurdish vision and class since the beginning of these meetings.

Disclosure of draft to people and intellectuals

Following agreement on this draft, these shared views were shared with the people and intellectuals. In this context, the meetings began since the beginning of last March, and the first and second meetings were held in Qamishlo, followed by meetings in Hasakah, Kobani, Amuda, Deirk and Ad-Darbasiya.

During the meetings attended by leaders, leaders, intellectuals and the general population, the draft unified vision of the Kurdish parties was read, discussed and evaluated.

Officials noted the conclusion of meetings with people, intellectuals and writers and the continuation of discussions on the views presented during the meetings and the final version of the draft.

Conference Plan

According to information from the parties' sources, a conference is expected in the near future in the absence of significant obstacles. Representatives of the parties, intellectuals, writers and leading figures in society, with an estimated number of participants 150-200, will participate.

The Conference will discuss and finalize the draft and, if the draft is approved and agreement reached, the results of the Conference will be announced to public opinion through a press release and journalists' questions answered during a press conference.