Koçer warns the Damascus government: Social explosion may occur

Hesen Koçer said that they discussed the issue of lifting the siege many times with the Damascus government, but so far the Damascus government has not responded, nor has it ended the siege. He warned the Damascus government that the situation would lead to a social explosion, and said: "Damascus must stop the wrong policy of siege."

Koçer warns the Damascus government: Social explosion may occur
15 December 2023   07:09

The Deputy co-chairmanship of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria AANES, Hesen Koçer, spoke to ANHA agency about the siege imposed by the Damascus government on Afrin and al-Shahba cantons and the neighborhoods of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh in Aleppo.

Damascus's approaches are the result of a policy of extermination'

Hesen Koçer pointed out that the attacks targeting the North and East Syria and the siege imposed on the province of Afrin, al-Shahba, the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, and al-Ashrafieh are linked to each other, and he said: “The main goal is to displace the people. The Damascus government is making the Syrian crisis worse through these methods. It is the government’s policy "Damascus serves the enemies of the Syrian people. Such approaches are the result of a genocidal policy that seeks to break the will of the people and displace the Kurdish people."

Hesen Koçer stressed: “The Damascus government must abandon this policy. These practices of the Damascus government are devoid of humanity. Our people in al-Shahba and Sheikh Maqsoud are standing up to these methods, and showing honorable positions. The Damascus government will not benefit from these policies; "External powers and the Turkish state are at the forefront. Our call to the Damascus government is not to serve the policy of the Turkish state. It is the Turkish state that destroyed Syria and developed extremist Islam inside Syria. This policy is wrong."

Damascus remains silent

Hesen Koçer said that they discussed several times with the Damascus government the issue of lifting the siege, but the Damascus government has not responded yet and continues the siege.

'The people who preserved Syria's unity are being punished'

“This will generate a social explosion.” With these words, Hesen, warned the Damascus government, and called for an immediate end to the siege policy. He added: “The people of al-Shahba are suffering greatly from a social and psychological standpoint. Their city has been occupied, its demographic composition is being changed, massacres are being committed there, and housing mercenaries in their homes. Despite all these crimes, what the Damascus government is doing is in the service of the occupation policy. The Damascus government must look into how to liberate Afrin, Idlib, and Jarablus.”

Hesen Koçer stressed that: “The Turkish state aims to seize the occupied lands and annex these cities to Turkish lands. The Damascus government must oppose this and fight for the liberation of Afrin as the people of al-Shahba do. The Damascus government punishes the people who defended the unity of the land of Syria. "The people of Afrin are very dissatisfied with the policy of the Damascus government. This will generate a social explosion. The Damascus government must realize this. If they find themselves facing a societal explosion against them, they should not say why this happened. The Damascus government's policy is hostile and unpatriotic."

Damascus is responsible for the death of people'

He explained that the people of the region no longer tolerate these policies of the Damascus government, and said: “Until now, the people have tolerated them. The people of North and East Syria do not accept this policy towards al-Shahba. The Damascus government must return to its senses. We want the issue to be resolved.” The siege through political means and dialogue, otherwise the people's reactions are strong. So far many children have lost their lives due to this siege. The government of Damascus is responsible for the death of these people. We salute the resistance of the people of al-Shahba, Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh against these policies and attacks. The position of the people A place of pride and honor.”