KDP violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) authorities continue to conceal the fate of journalist Suleiman Ahmed, after they kidnapped him 23 days ago in southern Kurdistan, amid local and international media condemnations.

KDP violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights
16 November 2023   09:35

KDP authorities continue to hide the location and fate of journalist Suleiman Muhammad Ahmed, after kidnapping him 23 days ago, without any information being received from him despite calls and appeals launched by media centers and bodies.

Journalist Suleiman, who works as an editor in the Arabic section at Roj News Agency, went to visit his family in the city of Aleppo on October 1, after the death of his father, Muhammad Ahmed.

During his return from Syria at the Faysh Khabur crossing, KDP kidnapped him, and contact with him was completely lost 23 days ago.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, issued in 1948 by the United Nations, affirms that freedom of the press is part of freedom of expression and is recognized as a civil right for every citizen.

However, journalists and lawyers from southern Kurdistan confirmed in a previous interview with Roj News Agency that free thinkers are arrested and kidnapped by the authorities of southern Kurdistan on fabricated charges, at a time when freedom of the press in southern Kurdistan has become greatly threatened, if journalists and media outlets do not work according to KDP's desires, they will be arrested, killed, or kidnapped.

Dozens of media organizations, local, regional and international, are calling KDP authorities to release Suleiman Ahmed. Both CPJ and RSF, which are concerned with the rights of journalists issued a decision to drop the charges against journalist Suleiman and release him immediately.

They also criticized the authorities in southern Kurdistan over the continued violations of international laws protecting journalists.