Important discussion about AANES regions in Danish Parliament

A delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria held a meeting in the Danish Parliament with a number of officials and representatives, during which important discussions took place about several files related to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the families of foreign ISIS mercenaries, and the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Important discussion about AANES regions in Danish Parliament
12 December 2023   10:26

The representative of the AANES in Europe, Abd al-Karim Omar, and the representatives of the Autonomous Administration in Denmark, Dara Mustafa and Alan Mansour, met with a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Danish Parliament, Soren Sondergaard, and a member of the Herlov municipal council for the United List Party, Ibrahim Benli.

During the meeting, developments of Syria in general and in the NE Syria in particular were discussed, with a focus on the political, economic and security challenges facing the Autonomous Administration, including the file of ISIS mercenaries and their families and the Autonomous Administration’s decision to begin trying them.

During the discussion, the Turkish attacks targeting infrastructure and service institutions were discussed, and that it considered war crimes according to international humanitarian law. Representatives of the Autonomous Administration also stressed the necessity of sending a fact-finding committee to investigate the crimes committed by Turkey in NE Syria and in the occupied territories in particular.

In this context, Soren and Ibrahim affirmed their position in supporting the AANES project, and their rejection of the Turkish attacks.

It is noteworthy that the Unified List Party was among the first to provide support to the Autonomous Administration during the war against ISIS in Kobani in 2014, which highlights their permanent commitment to supporting efforts aimed at fighting terrorist organizations and supporting stability in the region.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the 2 parties reached an agreement on continuing dialogue and exchanging opinions and information to convey the voice of the Syrians and the necessity of providing continued international support for the AANES.