HPG: Turkish occupation army hides its losses and lies

The People Defense Forces confirmed that the Turkish occupation hides its losses and spreads lies, and indicated that the revolutionary operation of the martyr Leila Amed resulted in the killing of 18 occupiers, but the Turkish state revealed only 3 deaths, and said: The revolutionary operation carried out by the Guerrilla not only dealt a strong blow to the fascist Turkish army, but it also exposed the lies of the Turkish private war media and highlighted the reality of the war in Kurdistan.

HPG: Turkish occupation army hides its losses and lies
28 November 2023   18:45

In a statement, the Media Center of the People's Defense Forces revealed the lies of the private war media that portray the Turkish army as victorious by concealing the losses it suffers from Turkish public opinion.

The statement said: “Our forces successfully carried out the revolutionary operation of the Martyr Leyla Sorkhoin Amed on the anniversary of the founding of our party, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, and dealt a strong blow to the fascist Turkish army. In this revolutionary operation, our forces completely targeted the hill where the enemy was present, in the great spirit of conquest, and killed 18 soldiers.” Turkish, but the tyrannical Turkish army and the private war media hid its defeat and losses from Turkish public opinion, and it is said that the Guerrilla fighters suffered many losses through fake news on the basis of a private war, and the Turkish state’s losses are completely hidden, and it tries to show the Turkish army victorious, however, it must Let the people of Turkey and the entire public opinion know that: The Turkish state and its private war media are deceiving everyone with lies, and the bodies of soldiers are still under the control of our forces. They do not even take responsibility for the bodies of their soldiers.

Turkish occupation attacks:

On November 26, Turkish warplanes once bombed the resistance square in Bahar Hill in the Martyr Dalil area west of Zap, and 3 times the village of Shilaza, Kulka and the village of Derkli in the Metina district, meaning in total they bombed the aforementioned areas 4 times.

T/ Satt.