HPG eliminate 43 Turkish soldiers

The People's Defense Forces (HPG) confirmed the killing of 43 soldiers from the Turkish army, and the seizure or destruction of weapons and military equipment during military operations in March.

HPG eliminate 43 Turkish soldiers
5 April 2024   14:09

HPG's Media Center issued a statement revealing the outcome of the Guerrilla operations against the Turkish occupation army in Defense Areas, which stated:

“The fighters of the Guerrilla Freedom of Kurdistan received the month of March and the rebirth of Newroz with great enthusiasm and in the spirit of resistance equal to the age of Mazloum Dogan. Our fighters, men and women, provided the necessary response and strengthened their resistance against all types of air and ground attacks launched by the Turkish occupation and colonial state. The Guerrilla fighters achieved important steps for the freedom of Kurdistan from Eilat in northern Kurdistan to the Defense Areas of Media during the month of March 2024."

A strong blow was dealt to the occupation soldiers through the revolutionary operation of Martyr Joan - Martyr Andok, which was carried out in the resistance square of Amadiya hill in Zap on March 19. Our forces, which welcomed Newroz with a revolutionary operation of great significance, celebrated Newroz with great enthusiasm and held military ceremonies. On the one hand, Through these ceremonies, our male and female fighters celebrated leader birthday, and on the other hand, they renewed their loyalty to leader Ocalan and our martyrs, and showed that they are ready in all respects to wage the New Year’s struggle.”