Hawar News Agency plan 4/20/2024

Hawar News Agency plan 4/20/2024
20 April 2024   02:00

The people of North and East Syria confirmed that the thought of Leader Ocalan is a way to bring peace to the Middle East, and the only way to achieve his physical freedom is to continue the struggle and form popular support. (Video and photos attached)

The families of detained for the sake of freedom from Afrin explained that strengthening the struggle and achieving physical freedom for leader Abdullah Ocalan are among the most prominent messages of political detainees. (Video and photos attached)

The sheikhs and notables of the Akidat tribe condemned: “the malicious hands that use the areas under Damascus’ control as a corridor for them, in order to destabilize the areas of Autonomous-administration,” and stressed that: “these movements, which are behind those loyal to the Damascus government and groups loyal to Iran, seek in a systematic manner to make sedition and undermine security in the region.” (Video and photos attached)

The people of the village of Tayyeb in the countryside of Çil Agha district are planting fruit trees around the spring of their village, in an effort to restore the vegetation that disappeared with the scarcity of water and the Turkish state cutting off the waters of the rivers coming from northern Kurdistan. (Video and photos attached)

The Armenian Women's Union in the city of Hasaka is organizing a lecture on the Armenian Genocide, in Reading Park in the city of Hasaka, at 16.00 (video and photos attached).