Akidat tribe confirms their support for AANES

The sheikhs and notables of the Akidat tribe condemned: “the malicious hands that use the areas under Damascus’ control as a corridor for them, in order to destabilize the areas of AANES,” and stressed that: “these movements, which are behind those loyal to the Damascus government and groups loyal to Iran, seek in a systematic manner to make sedition and undermine security in the region."

Akidat tribe confirms their support for AANES
Akidat tribe confirms their support for AANES
Akidat tribe confirms their support for AANES
20 April 2024   05:34

In light of the suspicious movements that the Deir ez-Zor region witnessed recently, the notables of the Akidat tribe expressed in brief statements to ANHA agency their complete rejection of “all attempts to disturb the stability,” and reaffirmed their commitment to standing with the Democratic Autonomous-Administration, in response to sedition efforts and suspicious movements created by parties affiliated with the Damascus government and pro-Iranian groups.

The notable of the Al-Anabza clan, affiliated with the Akidat tribe, Reda Awad Al-Ali, said: “We denounce the attacks of the mercenaries of the Damascus government and the pro-Iranian groups on Syrian territory in general and the areas east of the Euphrates in particular. The pro-Iranian groups are trying to destabilize the security and stability of the region and stir up strife in it.”

Reda Al-Ali stressed: “We, the sheikhs and notables, support the SDF and rally around our Autonomous-Administration in NE Syria, and we stand with them in the face of these strife, and we will stand in the face of all foreign interference that attempts to undermine our regions, destabilize security and stability in them, and sow discord in the region."

Al-Ali noted that: “The dialogue table is open to all parties to resolve the outstanding conflicts in the region, not only in the region of NE Syria, but in Syria in general.”

Another notable from the Al-Anabza clan affiliated with the Akidat tribe, Sabah Awad al-Ammash, also spoke and said: “In the name of Akidat tribe in general and in the name of the Al-Anabza clan in particular, we condemn and denounce all foreign interventions aimed at striking the security and stability of our regions, and which are trying to stir up strife in all of NE Syria region. We Notables and sheikhs, we support our Autonomous-Administration and stand with it, and we join hand in hand in the face of these interventions.”

Sabah al-Ammash affirmed their adherence to the Syrian-Syrian political solution, and said: “We do not accept any external interference, whether from Turkey, Iran, or from any party. External interference is what obstructs the solution to the Syrian crisis; there are malicious hands trying to spread discord, obstruct the project of democratic Autonomous-Administration, and destabilize security and stability of the region.”

Al-Ammash praised "the efforts of our heroic forces, and we stand behind them and support them; We are with our forces, hand in hand, in the face of these interventions."